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Appendix A - System Requirements Checklist

This appendix presents the detailed checklist of requirements for systems. The current versions of these requirements are provided on http://www.microsoft.com/winlogo/hardware/.

Requirements apply for all of the following tested operating systems unless otherwise indicated:

Windows XP Home Edition (32-bit) Windows XP Professional (64-bit and 32-bit) Windows Server 2003 family (64-bit and 32-bit)


There are no specific requirements for workstations or Entertainment PC systems in the Windows Logo Program. Instead, Windows Logo Program compliance is evaluated based on components present in the system submitted for testing.

These requirements apply to all systems and peripherals displaying the "Designed for Windows" Logo, as the system or device/peripheral is shipped to a customer.

Statements within this document relating to "testing requirements" or "systems submitted for Microsoft Windows Logo Program Testing" indicate test submission requirements; such statements do not reduce these Logo Program requirements.

A customer may request that the system supplier omit a particular component from a system configuration as shipped to that customer; however, such a customer request does not remove or reduce any related requirements for that system to support that component's functionality when and if the customer installs a Logo’d component of that class into the system.

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How to Use the Appendixes

A1.0 General System Requirements

A1.1 General System - Windows Compatibility

A1.1.1 Devices meet all Windows compatibility requirements

As defined in Appendix B, "Device Requirements Checklist"

A1.1.2 ACPI system board and ACPI firmware

ACPI BIOS must be Windows-ready:

x86-based client and server systems: ACPI-compliant as defined in ACPI 1.0b, Section 1.6 The system board and BIOS must support Advanced Configuration and Power Interface Specification, Revision 1.0b. System board devices not power managed or configured via standard bus specifications must comply with ACPI 1.0b.

Itanium-based systems: ACPI 2.0 plus 64-bit fixed tables; see A5.4.1.

A1.1.2.1 DELETED
A1.1.2.2 Power management and Plug and Play capabilities are ACPI compliant.
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