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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  25

A1.1.4.2 DELETED
A1.1.4.3 Support booting from CD or DVD device per El Torito v. 1.0 No Emulation mode.

BIOS supports booting the system from CD or DVD. The system BIOS or option ROM must support the No Emulation mode in “El Torito”—Bootable CD-ROM Format Specification, Version 1.0, by IBM and Phoenix Technologies, for installing Windows from optical media, such as bootable CD media.

The primary optical device must be bootable. This applies to the primary optical storage provided and the primary bus to which the device is attached.

A1.1.4.4 Windows XP Professional desktop/Windows Server 2003: Support Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) based on PXE Specification, v. 2.1:

A1. x86-based servers: Provide PXE-based support if a network adapter with remote boot capabilities is provided with the system.

A1. x86-based Windows Professional desktop and Itanium-based clients: Provide PXE-based support in all cases.

Mobile PC Note See A3.4.2 for mobile BIOS PXE requirement.

A1.1.4.5 Support boot-drive determination in multiple-drive systems via CIP BIOS Boot of EFI boot manager

The BIOS must comply with the implementation of boot-drive determination in multiple-drive systems as defined in Section 5.0 of the Compaq-Intel-Phoenix BIOS Boot Specification, Version 1.01. Windows uses this format for determining the boot drive when new bootable devices are introduced to a PC. Itanium-based systems must use EFI boot manager capabilities.

A1.1.4.7 DELETED
A1.1.4.8 DELETED
A1.1.4.9 x86-based: Support Int13h Extensions on BIOS boot-based system for correct support of high-capacity hard drives.

BIOS and option ROMs support Int 13h Extensions as defined in the “Layered Block Device Drivers” section of the Windows DDK. This requirement also applies for redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID) controllers when implemented, to support booting from Int 13h Extension devices.

Support for drives with capacities greater than 8.4 GB must be provided through the extended services (functions 4xh and greater) of the Int 13h Extensions as defined in Enhanced BIOS Services for Disk Drives [T13-1226DT], Revision 7.

A1.1.4.10 DELETED
A1.1.4.11 Provide PCI interrupt routing information

Use a _PRT object per ACPI 1.0b Section 6.2.3 for x86-based systems or ACPI 2.0 Section 6.2.8 for Itanium-based systems.

A1.1.4.12 x86-based: Support logical block addressing (LBA) for ATA disks (if present in the system).

The system BIOS must support the use of logical block addressing (LBA) for drives with LBA addressable area greater than 16,515,072 sectors, and the system BIOS must use LBA for all read and write operations to the device. The ATA 1226 technical report defines the proper implementation

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