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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  33

As defined in Section B2.6 in Appendix B, "Device Requirements Checklist."

A2.3 Desktop Client - Quality

See A1.3.

A2.3.1 - See A2.4.7
A2.3.2 - See A2.4.8

A2.4 Desktop Client - Windows Experience

A2.4.1 USB ports in all systems, with system BIOS boot support for USB input devices

See A1.1.4.13

If only two USB ports are provided, system provides at least one accessible USB port supporting end-user expansion when keyboard and pointing device are attached.

A2.4.3 - See A1.4.12
A2.4.5 If IEEE 1394 is included in a system, externally-accessible sockets are required

If implemented, IEEE 1394 must meet the requirements defined in B2.2. Notably, externally accessible IEEE 1394 sockets are required when external access is provided. Internal-only IEEE 1394 implementations are also allowed.

A2.4.6 Windows XP Professional/Windows Server 2003: Expansion devices on desktop systems can be remotely managed

Devices provided as expansion devices must be capable of being remotely managed so that control and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) policies can be realized. For example, for any implementation of a floppy disk drive on a system, the drive must be capable of being remotely disabled as a boot selection and provisions must be made for locking.

Certain devices are not required to be capable of being remotely disabled, including the primary HDD, the network adapter, and any standard devices that use legacy connections, such as a keyboard or pointing device that uses a PS/2-compatible connection. However, it must be possible that permissions, policies, or other methods can be used to remotely manage capabilities such as hard disk access or to control end-user ability to change the MAC address or configuration settings for the network adapter.

A2.4.7 See A1.1.4.13
A2.4.8 See A1.1.4.13

A2.5 Desktop Client - FAQs

A2.5.1 Current general FAQs

See http://www.microsoft.com/winlogo/hardware/.

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