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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  34

A2.5.2 Updated at A1.1.4.13  

A2.R Desktop Client - Future Requirements

Announcement of additional future requirements will be published at http://www.microsoft.com/winlogo/hardware/.

A3.0 Mobile PC Client Requirements

This section describes additional requirements or exceptions to the requirements defined earlier in Section A1.0.

A3.0.1 General System Exceptions for Mobile PCs

In addition to requirements defined in Section A3.0, the following exceptions to General System requirements are defined for Mobile PC systems elsewhere in Appendix A:

Ref: A1.4.12 Requirements for APIC support do not apply for mobile PCs.

A3.0.2 Legacy-free System Exceptions for Mobile PCs

The following exceptions to Legacy-Free PC System requirements are also defined for Mobile PC systems in elsewhere Appendix A:

Ref: A4.1.3 No components claim to use the restricted port addresses – mobile exceptions:

Both desktop and mobile PCs can use the 8042 controller internally, but must not include external PS/2 connectors. Legacy-free systems that use the 8042 controller internally must set the 8042 flag to 1 in the ACPI FADT.

Ref: A4.4.2 A mobile PC is required to provide only one free USB port.

Ref: A4.4.8 MS-DOS must not be required to install or run any utilities, games, or other software provided with the system -- required for new docking stations designed for legacy-free mobile PCs.

A3.0.3 Device Exceptions and Notes for Mobile PCs

The following additional requirements, exceptions, and FAQs for Mobile PC systems, devices, and buses are defined in Appendix B:

Ref: B2.3.4.4 Mobile PC IR devices, if supported, support D0 and D3 states. 

Ref: B3.1.4.4 Audio Record and Playback works properly—WHQL Audio test: Audio performance – mobile PC exceptions defined.

Ref: B4. Onboard graphics device can be used as primary VGA boot device (additional BIOS setup utility requirement for mobile PCs).

Ref: B4.2.4.3 Minimum graphics resolution, based on monitor size.

Ref: B5. Mobile PC external PS/2 pointing device detected at boot and installed correctly.

Ref: B5. Mobile PC internal pointing device is disabled or dual operation enabled if external PS/2-compatible pointing device is present.

Ref: B11.1.4.5 Mobile system meets standard video requirements for appropriate display panel resolution if resolution is 1024 × 768 × 24 bpp or higher.

A3.1 Mobile PC Client - Windows Compatibility


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