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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  36

A3.4.4.2 DELETED
A3.4.4.3 One USB port free for end-user expansion.

At least one USB port must be built into a mobile PC and not be provided solely by a docked mobile PC. This USB port can be either a high-power or low-power port, or it can be dynamically configurable at the discretion of the OEM, as provided for by Section 7 of the Universal Serial Bus Specification, Revision 1.1.

A3.4.4.4 CardBus slot (if implemented).

If Implemented, all CardBus implementations must comply with the requirements defined in B2.1, including information about the default initialization of the CardBus controller under Windows.

A3.4.4.5 System maintains mapping of IRQ Routing Register bits to system interrupt vectors for CardBus.

The system design must maintain the mapping of the CardBus controller’s IRQ Routing Register bits to system interrupt vectors. This means that when an interrupt is programmed in the controller to occur on the IRQx pin, the system’s IRQ routing causes the interrupt controller to generate the interrupt vector for IRQx and no other IRQ.

A3.4.4.6 IRQ connections for CardBus can be determined by using the 0805 register.

Windows uses the 0805 register on CardBus controllers to determine which ISA IRQs are connected to the controller. This register must engage (drive low when the IRQ is asserted) the corresponding ISA IRQ when programmed with a value. It must deselect the IRQ (float high) when programmed at zero (0). This behavior must be achieved without requiring the operating system to program any non-standard registers.

A3.4.4.7 Integrated graphics device minimum requirements:
A3. 2-D hardware acceleration, 640 × 480, low-resolution modes.

Mobile system supports display resolution of at least 640 × 480 with 256 colors. Windows requires a display resolution of at least 640 × 480 with 256 colors (8 bpp using a color look-up table) to run properly. Mobile systems that optionally have 3-D support must implement at least 16 bpp color.

A3. If 3-D is supported, 640 × 480 × 16 bpp; no minimum texture cache, alpha blending, hardware text mapping requirements.

Optional 3-D capabilities meet minimum requirements. For mobile systems, 3-D hardware is optional. If 3-D is supported, the mobile PC must meet all 3-D requirements at all supported resolutions up to and including the native display panel resolution of at least 640 × 480, and it must support a color depth of 16 bpp, with the following exceptions:

Support of per-pixel fog is not required; however, support of per-vertex fog is required.

Support of range-based or table-based fog is not required.

Support of 32-bit textures is not required; however, support of 16-bit textures is required.

Support of 32-bit Z buffers is not required; however, support of 16-bit Z buffers is required.

Support of Stencil buffers is not required.

Support of 32 bpp (ARGB 8:8:8:8) is not required.

Support of nonsquare power-of-two textures up to 10241024 for all textures operations is not required.

Support for square, power-of-two textures of sizes up to and including 256256 is required.

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