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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  37

A3. Mobile PC resolution requirements.

Resolution and color depth requirements are limited to the capabilities of the integrated display panel when using an integrated panel or a simultaneous external display. Mobile systems that implement a single-chip, multihead configuration must meet the resolution and color depth requirements on the external display only up to the native resolution and color depth of the integrated display panel. Mobile PC systems that provide 3-D hardware acceleration must support a color depth of 16 bpp.

A3. No multiple adapter support required in mobile unit; multiple monitor support is optional.

For mobile PCs, multiple adapter support is not required unless the system supports single-chip, multihead, multiple-monitor capabilities, or the mobile PC supports a docking station with PCI expansion slots. If the docked mobile PC supports only Mini-PCI, the system is not required to support multiple-monitor requirements.

A3. DDC monitor detection required only for external graphics interface, with exceptions.

Mobile PC systems that support external displays must support DDC detection for external displays, with the following exceptions:

Mobile systems do not have to supply +5V to the VGA connector at any time.

The DVI connector must supply +5V only during operating system boot, when the user first enables external video, and when the system is actually outputting analog or digital video through the DVI connector.

Mobile systems that implement a single-chip, multihead, multimonitor configuration are not required to display the system boot screen on the external display. In this configuration, the expectation is that the external display will be active when the display driver is enabled and the system is configured for multimonitor operation. If the system is configured for operation with only the external display active, the boot screen must be displayed.

Note: Some display devices rely on the +5V to power their DDC circuitry, for Plug and Play detection, or both. It is recommended that a mobile PC provide a means to enable the +5V power when necessary.

A3. PCI or AGP 1.x or later. For systems supporting 3-D graphics hardware, performance equivalent of AGP 1x with GART is required.

Mobile systems that support 3-D require the performance equivalent of AGP. AGP implementations must support Graphics Address Remapping Table (GART) at a minimum. AGP equivalent implementations must support GART equivalent functionality. PCI implementations are not required to support GART.

A3.4.4.8 International Color Consortium (ICC) color profile and INF preinstalled if DDC detection cannot be used.

See B4.2.4.2

A3.4.5 ATA controllers and devices on mobile unit support ATA/33 or better

All ATA primary storage devices must support Ultra DMA at transfer rates of 33 MB per second or higher as defined in the ATA/ATAPI-5 standard.

A3.4.6 CD drive, if present, supports transfer rate of at least 1200 KB per second when fully on
A3.4.7 Docking station requirements

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