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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  38

A3.4.7.1 Docked mobile PC meets Mobile PC system and BIOS requirements.

The docked mobile PC must meet the Logo Program requirement for multiple adapters and multiple monitors. This provides fully operational graphics capabilities in the mobile PC (either the LCD panel or external connector) in the event that a user adds another graphics adapter to the docking station.

A3.4.7.2 DELETED
A3.4.7.3 Docking station supports warm docking and fail-safe docking.

Attaching or ejecting a mobile PC from a docking station must not require powering off the system and must not require a system reboot. The mobile PC’s ACPI BIOS must contain one or more _EJx methods to inform the operating system of which sleep states are supported for docking operations. For more information on the _EJx methods for Windows, refer to Section 6.3.2.I of ACPI 1.0b

The system must provide a mechanism for notifying the operating system before undocking a mobile PC, in combination with operating system capabilities and methods defined in Sections 5 and 6 of ACPI 1.0b.

There is no requirement for mechanical lockout to block the user from removing the mobile unit without operating-system notification.

A3.4.7.4 Enumerate, configure, and disable non-Plug and Play devices using ACPI-based methods.

The docked mobile PC must enumerate, configure, and disable non-Plug and Play devices using ACPI-based methods, and implement all notification events and docking control as follows.

The mobile PC’s ACPI BIOS must contain at least the following docking-related functions:

DCK_CAP must be set to 1 in the FADT table.

_Lxx methods must handle the dock insertion event and the Fail Safe Ejection notification. The _Lxx method must include a Notify to the dock object.

ACPI descriptions for ports located on the mobile PC and passed through the docking connector must include an _EJD method.

The _WAK method must perform a Notify to the dock object.

A dock object must be specified and must have a device named to represent the docking station, including:

_DCK method connecting and disconnecting the docking bus.

_STA method for checking the status of the dock.

_EJx methods to identify which sleep states docking can occur. If hot docking is implemented, the _EJ0 control method must not return until the ejection is complete, as stated in ACPI 1.0b section 6.3.2.

For additional information on ACPI docking implementation, refer to ACPI 1.0b and "ACPI Docking for Windows," at http://www.microsoft.com/hwdev/tech/onnow/ACPIdock.asp

Removable ATA devices in the docking station and in the mobile PC are required to report changes using ACPI-based methods.

A3.4.7.5 - See A3.4.7.1
A3.4.7.6 DELETED
A3.4.7.7 Discrete PCI ATA controllers in mobile docking stations implement in PCI Native-Mode ATA.

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