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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  4

A4.2 Legacy-Free PC System - Industry Standards56

A4.3 Legacy-Free PC System - Quality57

A4.4 Legacy-Free PC System - Windows Experience57

A4.5 Legacy-Free PC System - FAQs58

A4.R Legacy-Free PC System - Future Requirements58

A5.0 Itanium-based System Requirements58

A5.1 Itanium-based System - Windows Compatibility58

A5.2 Itanium-based System - Industry Standards59

A5.3 Itanium-based System - Quality59

A5.4 Itanium-based System - Windows Experience59

A5.5 Itanium-based System - FAQs64

A5.R Itanium-based System - Future Requirements64

A6.0 Server System Requirements64

A6.1 Server System - Windows Compatibility65

A6.2 Server System - Industry Standards65

A6.3 Server System - Quality65

A6.4 Server System - Windows Experience66

A6.5 Server System - FAQs71

A6.R Server System - Future Requirements71

Appendix B - Device Requirements Checklist72

B1.0 General Device and Driver Quality72

B1.1 General Device/Driver - Windows Compatibility72

B1.2 General Device/Driver - Industry Standards73

B1.3 General Device/Driver - Quality73

B1.4 General Device/Driver - Windows Experience74

B1.5 General Device/Driver - FAQs76

B1.R General Device/Driver Quality - Future Requirements76

B2.0 Bus/Device Controllers77

B2.1 CardBus/PCMCIA Controllers and Devices77

B2.2 IEEE 1394 Controllers and Devices80

B2.3 Infrared/Wireless84

B2.4 Parallel/Serial Devices87

B2.5 PCI Controllers and Devices89

B2.6 USB Controllers and Devices94

B3.0 Audio96

B3.1 General Audio96

B3.2 Portable Media Devices104

B4.0 Display105

B4.1 Display Adapters105

B4.2 Monitors117

B5.0 Input and HID122

B5.1 General Input122

B5.2 Keyboard124

B5.3 Input/Pointing126

B5.4 Input/Game128

B5.5 Input/Keyboard-Video-Mouse129

B5.6 Smart Card Readers130

B6.0 Modems133

B6.1 General Modem133

B7.0 Network Devices143

B7.1 General Network143

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