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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  57

B1.2.3 Plug and Play specifications


B1.2.4 Each device or connection meets requirements for its bus class

See B2.0.

B1.3 General Device/Driver - Quality

WHQL Test Specification References: Chapter 1, Introduction to HCT Test Specifications Chapter 3: ACPI Test Specification Chapter 22: Driver Quality Test Specification Plus technology-specific test specifications

B1.3.1 Hardware and its drivers pass Windows Logo Program testing

All hardware and associated drivers must be submitted to the appropriate WHQL test program and passes all testing for the Windows Logo Program for hardware:

Pass tests in Windows HCT, as described in detail in the WHQL Test Specification and the related Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Test Kit documentation.

If a system with the in the box drivers loaded is capable of passing the HCT system-level tests, then OEMs can use the in the box driver and not re-submit the driver for digital signature.

B1.3.2 Vendor-supplied drivers pass Driver Verifier tests

As provided in the in Windows HCT

B1.3.3 Device driver has properly formatted INF

Tested via INFCatReady.exe

See "Creating an INF File" in the Windows DDK.

INFCatready (InfCatR.exe) is included in the Windows HCT.

B1.3.4 Vendor-supplied drivers have digital signatures

Requirements for digital signatures are defined at http://www.microsoft.com/hwdev/driver/digitsign.asp

WHQL guidelines and processes for digital signatures are defined at http://www.microsoft.com/hwdq/hwtest/userguide/default.asp?chapter=4

B1.4 General Device/Driver - Windows Experience

B1.4.1 Device can be enumerated and automatically disabled

Each device connected to an expansion bus must be able to supply its own unique ID. The following are the specific requirements for Plug and Play device IDs:

Each separate function or device on the system board must be separately enumerated; therefore, each must provide a device ID in the manner required in the current Plug and Play specification for the bus it uses.

If a device on an expansion card is enumerated, it must have a unique ID and its own resources according to the current device ID requirements for the bus to which the card is connected. This includes devices that are separately enumerated on multifunction cards or multifunction chips.

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