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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  66

See B1.3.

Specifically see “IEEE 1394 Controllers” and device-specific topics in the HCT documentation.

B2.2.4 1394 Controllers/Devices - Windows Experience

B2.2.4.1 Open HCI controllers and devices support advances defined in IEEE 1394a-1999

Including peak data rate requirements for Open Host Controller Interface.

Any device that support IEEE 1394 features and interconnectivity that interface to the IEEE 1394 bus must support the industry standards and its amendments as they apply to internal and external devices. Minimum requirements consist of the following.

B2.2.4.2 Device configuration ROM is correctly implemented

The device configuration ROM space must provide configuration information as specified in the IEEE 1212r-2000 standard and applicable IEEE 1394 standards, thus providing Plug and Play device control.

B2.2.4.3 Devices demonstrate interoperability with other devices

All devices must support Plug and Play for intended use in both a minimal and an extended bus configuration. A minimal configuration is the minimum number of devices necessary to demonstrate the primary use of the device. An extended configuration has at least two devices added to the minimal configuration. The added devices can be extraneous to the use.

B2.2.4.4 DELETED
B2.2.4.5 DELETED
B2.2.4.6 Self-powered devices propagate the power bus through each connector

As defined in the 1394 Trade Association Power Specification.

Devices and controllers are not required to comply with 1394 Trade Association Power Specification, Part 3: Power State Management. This standard version is required with the release of a future operating system.

B2.2.4.7 Vendor and model leafs support textual descriptor leaf format

Textual descriptors are required for Vendor_ID and Model_ID entries in the CSR space in order to display this information to the user. Each textual descriptor points to a leaf that contains a single character string. Examples of valid textual descriptors are found in the IEEE 1394 Plug and Play specification.

B2.2.4.8 DELETED
B2.2.4.9 DELETED
B2.2.4.10 DELETED
B2.2.4.11 DELETED
B2.2.4.12 Descriptors are required for Vendor_ID and Model_ID entries in the Configuration Status Register (CSR) space

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