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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  69

Mobile PC Note IR capabilities are not required for mobile PCs. IrDA devices must support D0 and D3 states, controlled by methods defined in Section 3.4 of the ACPI 1.0b specification or by the relevant bus-specific methods.

B2.3.4.5 Bluetooth wireless host controllers meet requirements

Bluetooth Host controllers must meet the following requirements.

B2. Support Plug and Play on the applicable bus.

USB must meet “Part H:2 USB Transport Layer.”

B2. Support the Bluetooth H:1 specification for host controllers, including the mechanism for reporting the version supported.
B2. Support the bus-specific transport class extensions (for example, H:2-H:4) where applicable.
B2. The Bluetooth host controller must use one of the following physical transports as specified by the SIG: USB, UART, or PCI. 

Alternatively, the Bluetooth host controller may use the BCSP transport specification.

B2. Support Bluetooth scatternet. 

Bluetooth host controller must support at least 2 concurrent piconets (scatternet) plus be able to allow the host to join a device requesting a connection to the existing piconet for which the local radio is the master.  The scatternet support should follow the enhanced scatternet support errata defined by the Bluetooth SIG.

B2. Bluetooth host controllers which are qualified Bluetooth Subsystem End Products shall have the Windows Operating System listed in their Complimentary Subsystem List. 

See Bluetooth Qualification Program Reference Document v1.0, 6.1 Bluetooth Subsystems.

Systems including Bluetooth host controllers, radios, or peripherals must comply with Specification of the Bluetooth System, Version 1.1.

B2.3.4.6 Bluetooth-connected peripherals meet requirements
B2. Meet all device class-specific Windows Logo requirements

For example, B3.0 for audio, B5.1 for HID, B6.1 for modem, and so on.

B2. Comply with all applicable Bluetooth specifications.

Including design-applicable usage profiles.

B2. Support Bluetooth SDP and the PnPInformation Service Class.

The Bluetooth system defines a Service Discovery Protocol (SDP). Bluetooth PC peripherals must support SDP and support the Bluetooth Specification 1.1

B2. Bluetooth HID devices shall support HID-initiated reconnect.

The HIDReconnectInitiate attribute (defined in the Bluetooth HID Profile, revision 0.9b Section 7.12.6 HIDReconnectInitiate) shall be enabled.  The device shall enter Page mode to automatically reconnect to the host if the connection is dropped.

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