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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  7

Manufacturer Benefits

Products that carry the Windows Logo for hardware include these characteristics:

All components install and uninstall properly and do not interfere with other system components.

Each component interoperates well with other system components.

All components function normally after the operating system is upgraded to Windows XP or any later version of the operating systems for which the system or component carries the logo.

These characteristics yield these benefits for manufacturers:

Increased customer satisfaction

Lower support costs

Fewer product returns

Customer Benefits

Windows Logo Program requirements are intended to support a good user experience with the Windows operating system. In this context, a "good user experience" means a reliable, consistent experience with system hardware, firmware, drivers, and related software components. In particular:

The user is assured that a product that has the Windows Logo will be stable when running under the operating systems listed on the Windows Logo carried by that product or listed in the Windows Catalog.

The user can easily begin and complete component installation or removal. Installing and using a component that has the Windows Logo will not cause the system to stop working, or otherwise disrupt Windows or other Logo’d software running on the computer.

The user’s overall experience with the computer system and the operating system is the same or better after upgrading to a new Windows operating system.

Important: The presence of the Windows Logo on a hardware product does not mean that Microsoft endorses or certifies a product. The Windows Logo is not a quality assurance seal. Microsoft does not test the quality of each hardware product or ensure that it is bug free.

"Designed for Windows" Logo Options

Microsoft licenses different versions of the "Designed for Windows" logo for specific operating systems on servers, desktop PCs, mobile PCs, and their components, as described in this section. The Windows Logo explicitly identifies the versions of the operating system for which the product passed compliance testing. Testing is conducted by Windows Hardware Quality Labs, as described in Chapter 4 of this guide.

The specific Windows Logo for the system or device indicates which operating system versions the manufacturer supports for the system or device. The current, comprehensive listing of available logos is provided at http://www.microsoft.com/winlogo/hardware/.

Windows Logo Program requirements vary for different classes of products (for example, server, desktop, or mobile) and for different market segments (for example,

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