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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  8

enterprise server, commercial desktop, or consumer desktop). Where system design guides and other references refer to consumer and business PC system types, the following meanings apply for the Windows Logo Program:

Note: Test logs for Windows XP are required for all logos.

Windows Logo Program Dates

Dates for specific Windows Logo Program requirements are defined on the web at http://www.microsoft.com/winlogo/hardware/.

Windows Logo Program requirements become effective in these ways:

Operating System Support. Some requirements become part of the Windows Logo Program based on features in the operating system that the manufacturer preinstalls on the system.

For example, OnNow power management and multiple monitor support became Windows Logo Program requirements a few years ago when new support was introduced in Windows operating systems. These types of requirements depend on which operating system is preinstalled on the system. For example, in past years, a system with Windows NT 4.0 preinstalled was not required to fully support Windows Driver Model (WDM) requirements.

Industry Advances. Some technical requirements are market driven and take time to become broadly adopted because of cost or development time.

Based on industry feedback about time-to-market issues identified during the review cycle, these technical advances become part of the Windows Logo Program requirements on a timetable that the majority of the industry has agreed is technically possible and cost effective.

To plan for Windows Logo requirements based on new operating system features, participate in Microsoft design reviews and beta testing programs.

What's New in This Version

This version supersedes Version 2.1, which summarized the Logo Program requirements for PCs, servers and peripherals.

Version 2.1 of this document added the following new information:

Incorporation of design guideline references that previously quoted PC 2001 System Design Guide and Hardware Design Guide Version 3.0 for Microsoft Windows 2000 Server.

Extensive deletion of requirements that are no longer relevant because: 1) Version 2.0 excludes reference to requirements for Windows Me or Windows 2000; 2) Many capabilities or features are standard in the industry, and therefore do not merit reference in the Windows Logo Program requirements; 3) Some features are not tested in the “Designed for Windows” testing program, and so are no longer referenced in these requirements.

Version 2.1a of this document is an editorial release cleaning up the published edits of version 2.1 as well as some additional clarifications and corrections.  No new requirements were added to version 2.1a.

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