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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  86

B3.1.5.2 Updated at A1.1.4.16
B3.1.5.3 See B1.3, B3.1.4.4
B3.1.5.4 See B3.1.4.4
B3.1.5.5 See B3.1.4.6
B3.1.5.6 DELETED  
B3.1.5.7 Updated at B3.1.4.5
B3.1.5.8 DELETED
B3.1.5.9 Updated at B3.1.4.2
B3.1.5.10 Updated at B3.1.4.11

B3.1.R General Audio - Future Requirements

Announcement of additional future requirements will be published at http://www.microsoft.com/winlogo/hardware/.

B3.2 Portable Media Devices

B3.2.1 Portable Media Device - Windows Compatibility

B3.2.1.1 Portable media device meets Windows Compatibility requirements

Device must support Windows Media Architecture (WMA) media format

Device can support MP3 or MP3+

Device must use Windows Media Device Manager (WMDM)

Must work with Windows Media Player (WMP)

B3.2.2 Portable Media Device – Industry Standards

Note: This list provides complete titles and web locations for references cited. The listing of a reference here does not imply that complete compliance with that reference is a Windows Logo Program requirement.  

B3.2.2.1 Universal Serial Bus Mass Storage Class Specification Overview, Revision 1.0

See also B10.1.4.8

B3.3.3 Portable Media Device - Quality

B3.3.3.1 Pass all WHQL tests

B3.3.4 Portable Media Device – Windows Experience

B3.3.4.1 Music playback or streaming device provides USB or IEEE 1394 connector

Any music-playback or streaming device that connects to a PC provides USB or IEEE 1394 as a connectivity option, is fully Plug and Play compliant, and supports DRM.

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