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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  88

B4.1.2 Display Adapters/Chipsets - Industry Standards

Note: This list provides complete titles and web locations for references cited. The listing of a reference here does not imply that complete compliance with that reference is a Windows Logo Program requirement.  

B4.1.2.1 Accelerated Graphics Port Interface Specification, Revision 1.0 or later

AGP 2.0: http://developer.intel.com/technology/agp/agp_index.htm.

B4.1.2.2 Digital Video Interface (DVI) Revision 1.0


B4.1.2.3 Display Data Channel Standard, V. 3.0, Level 2B protocols

Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) BIOS Extension Standard/Core Functions 2.0 (VBE/Core 2.0) at http://www.vesa.org/standards.html

B4.1.2.4 Display Device Class Power Management Specification, V. 2.0


B4.1.2.5 VESA standards for ergonomic timings

VESA Computer Display Monitor Timing Specification Version 1.0, Revision 0.8. VESA Generalized Timing Formula Standard, Version 1.1. Or DVI 1.0 (if DVI is implemented).


B4.1.3 Display Adapters/Chipsets - Quality

WHQL Test Specification References: Chapter 5: Graphics Adapter Test Specification

B4.1.3.1 Pass WHQL tests

See B1.3.

See “Display adapter/chipset” in the HCT documentation.

B4.1.4 Display Adapters/Chipsets - Windows Experience

B4.1.4.1 Multiple monitor/multiple display support
B4. Adapter and driver support multiple adapters and multiple monitors

System expansion buses that allow graphics adapters such as PCI and AGP can support the simultaneous use of more than one graphics adapter in the system. Multiple-monitor support can be implemented using add-on PCI graphics adapters. The device drivers for each graphics adapter must provide the required support to allow the presence of multiple adapters and multiple monitors.

B4. Onboard graphics device can be used as primary VGA boot device

Mobile PC Note: Systems that have the graphics chip on the system board and mobile PCs that are capable of docking in a docking station with PCI slots must provide a means in the BIOS setup utility to force the system to boot using the onboard graphics device.

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