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B4. Analog VGA.

Among other resolutions and refresh rates, the graphics adapter must support the 85 hertz (Hz) ergonomic timings for all required resolutions supported by the monitor up to 1024 × 768. These timings must conform to the Computer Display Monitor Timing Specifications, Version 1, Rev. 0.8, or the VESA Generalized Timing Formula (GTF), Version 1.1. Any higher timings and resolutions must conform to established industry standards. Additionally, in order to provide optimal support for video playback of NTSC broadcasts, the display adapter must support the NTSC (59.94 Hz) refresh rate to assure smooth frame delivery in TV-based video content applications. Phase Alternation Line (PAL) is important in many regions, but there are no specific requirements.

B4.1.4.5 Color support
B4. Enumeration of supported color depths.

The driver must comply with the following guidelines for enumeration:

For 16 bpp, the 5:5:5 mode, the 5:6:5 mode, or both must be supported.

If only the 5:5:5 mode is supported, the driver must also enumerate this as 16-bpp mode. This is required because some applications only look for 16-bpp support and will run in 8-bit mode if they fail to find a 16-bit mode.

If both 5:5:5 and 5:6:5 modes are supported, both modes must be enumerated.

For each color depth supported, color ordering must be implemented as shown in the following list. Color ordering is shown in the following list from the most significant bit (MSB) to the least significant bit (LSB).


Color ordering

15 bpp

1 undefined, 5 red, 5 green, 5 blue (URRR RRGG GGGB BBBB)

16 bpp

5 red, 6 green, 5 blue (RRRR RGGG GGGB BBBB)

24 bpp

8 red, 8 green, 8 blue (RRRR RRRR GGGG GGGG BBBB BBBB)

32 bpp

8 alpha, 8 red, 8 green, 8 blue (AAAA AAAA RRRR RRRR GGGG GGGG BBBB BBBB)

B4. Adapter supports gamma correction performed in hardware at 24 bpp or 32 bpp without using VGA resources.

ICM uses this capability to perform gamma correction for the attached monitor and to allow game applications to switch palettes. This capability also supports transition effects in applications. To provide support for ICM, the graphics adapter gamma must be programmatically adjustable. It is required that downloadable RAM digital-to-analog converter entries be included to perform gamma correction in hardware at 24 bpp or 32 bpp.

This capability must be supported without requiring the use of any VGA resources.

B4. Driver supports dynamic color bit-depth change.

The graphics adapter must operate properly and must not fail when asked by the operating system to change the color depth or resolution. A restart must not be required to accomplish this.

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