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A Colorado Springs therapist, Jennifer Bier, has hired a Boston attorney known for championing the confidentiality rights of rape-crisis centers to help fight an Air Force subpoena for records of her counseling sessions with a cadet who said she was raped by a male colleague.

No One Ranked Higher That Staff Sergeant Faces Charges In The Abu Ghraib Case

[Houston Chronicle, April 4, 2005]

The lack of proof that any of the abuses conducted against Abu Ghraib inmates were ordered by high-ups means that no one above the rank of staff sergeant has been charged by prosecutors in the proceedings that are winding down at Fort Hood.  [Proving once again that shit rolls downhill, and military “investigators” know how to protect their bosses.]

New Iraq Plan From Genius General:

“Restore A Measure Of Stability”

[The Hill, April 5, 2005, Pg. 1]

A meeting in Washington between Gen. George Casey Jr. and John Negroponte put in motion a plan to build on the January elections in Iraq.  The plan included restoring a measure of stability.


Rumsfeld Sets Up Room To Measure Stability

[Washington Times, April 5, 2005, Pg. 3]

The Pentagon has established an “Iraq Room” where officers study and measure a large amount of data, to produce what the Pentagon calls “metrics” that tell Secretary Rumsfeld if the war in Iraq is going in the right direction.  [Save time and money.  When Rumsfeld can drive airport road without an armored column, then you got a good idea about how the war is going.  Until then, it’s OIF: Operation Iraqi Fuckup.]

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