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U.S. of Zarqawi.

The problem, according to Bush’s liberal critics, is that Bush isn’t fighting the right war. He needs to go after the real threats.  These arguments miss the whole point of the “war on terror.”

Obviously, the best way for the U.S. not to create any enemies in the world would be to cease being an imperial power and stop bombing people around the world.  But that’s like asking a tiger not to hunt.

In short, liberals accept the idea that the U.S. should be the world’s cop, just a nicer one.  This widespread illusion must be systematically challenged within the antiwar movement for what it really is: a plea for a kinder, gentler imperialism.

What do you think?  Comments from service men and women, and veterans, are especially welcome.  Send to contact@militaryproject.org.  Name, I.D., withheld on request.  Replies confidential.

Iraq Veterans Against The War Vs. Volvo Racism

To: Veterans For Peace

From: WW

Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005 08:39:36

Subject: Re: Operation (Un)Truth: A Trojan Jackass for the Anti-War Movement

Brothers and Sisters,

I attended the Ford Hall lecture series last night at Boston's Faneuil Hall, at which Rieckhoff, of "Operation Truth" squared off against IVAW's Mike Hoffman, in a softball "debate".

Rieckhoff is pushing the imperialist line unabashedly, with slight nuance leaning toward the Democratic Party's position ("we would have done it better").  He's a voluble speaker, articulate, presents well, but when you consider what he's saying, it's just gasbag propaganda, repeated over and over.

He kept up the drumbeat last night, making the same assertions ad nauseum, that (1) "Iraq isn't like Vietnam" (no evidence), and (2) no one's talking about the "successes" we're having in Iraq (again, no evidence).

Repeatedly referred to "the Kurds" as indicative of our "success", without saying how, or in what way, or what that even means.

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