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Contract Administrative Memoranda

Article XVII Section 17.2 (B)

Contract Administration Memoranda.  The principal formal tool for the administration of matters arising under this Service Contract between the parties shall be a “Contract Administration Memorandum.” A Contract Administration Memorandum shall be prepared, once all preliminary communications have been concluded, to evidence the resolution reached by the City and the Company as to matters of interpretation and application arising during the course of the performance of their obligations hereunder. Such matters may include, for example: (1) the determination of the specific relief to be given the Company under Section 15.2 on account of an Uncontrollable Circumstance; (2) the determination of the specific amount of any increase or decrease of the ICI Design/Build Price or the Service Fee to which the Company is entitled under any provision of this Service Contract (including the parties’ agreement as to the treatment and designation of the payment of any Extraordinary Item under subsection 13.7(B)); (3) issues as to the meaning, interpretation, application or calculation to be made under any provision hereof; (4) notices, waivers, releases, satisfactions, confirmations, further assurances, consents and approvals given hereunder; and (5) other similar contract administration matters.

There will be times when Contract requirements need interpretation and better clarification. In order to document and make legally binding such interpretations, the Contract addresses this need via Contract Amendment Memoranda. Article XVII, Section 17.2 (B) describes the purpose and use of Contract Amendment Memoranda (CAM).  During this review period there were several CAMs covering the following areas:


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