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Section 5.7 of the Service Contract

STAFFING AND PERSONNEL TRAINING.  [A]  Staffing.  The Company shall staff the Managed Assets during the Term of this Service Contract with qualified personnel who meet the licensing and certification requirements of the State, under a staffing plan which is consistent with the Contract Standards.  The Company shall notify the City of any material change in staffing levels and positions from time to time, and shall not make any such material change if the new staffing level or staffing positions would adversely affect the ability of the Company to provide the Contract Services.

From Appendix 6,  Section 4.0

The Company shall provide a staff of qualified, certified and experienced employees in accordance with the Company’s Staffing Plan (to be provided during the Transition Period) and Applicable Law and shall provide such additional third-party support as may be needed to perform its duties and obligations hereunder.  Said third parties shall be equally qualified for the particular services to be performed.  

The Company shall at all times maintain the necessary number of employees, staff and third-party contractors to operate, maintain and manage the Managed Assets in accordance with the Service Contract, to adequately maintain the Managed Assets in good repair, to adequately operate the Managed Assets to provide quality service to the customers, and to meet Contract Standards in order to protect the health, welfare and safety of the citizens of the City.

The Company shall provide:  (i) qualified management, supervisory, technical, laboratory, and operating personnel, licensed and/or certified as required by the State of California for operation and maintenance of the Managed Assets; (ii) a System Manager for day-to-day supervision; (iii) specialists, on-site or as part of a technical support group, as necessary, in water, wastewater, stormwater process control, instrumentation, trouble shooting, emergency management, and similar circumstances; and (iv) office and clerical support staff as necessary.

The Company shall provide a technical support group that will provide on-call backup advice, expertise and quality control, management, maintenance and facility repair to assist the operational staff and ensure performance of obligations hereunder, to assist in the design and construction of any improvements to the Managed Assets and to support the provision of Billing Services.  The Company’s technical support group shall also provide assistance in the investigation, development and implementation of modifications in the processes as may be appropriate or necessary for regulatory compliance, worker safety, or process improvement.  The Company’s staff at the Managed Assets and the technical support group shall also provide support to the City in planning efforts for the Managed Assets in response to regulatory issues and in financing of improvements.

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