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Unaccounted-For Water” is defined as that portion of the Finished Water entering the Water Distribution System that is not delivered to water customers, determined using the methodology set forth in Appendix 6.

“Finished Water” means Purchased Water and Well Water, in each case treated to the standards required by Applicable Law prior to conveyance to the Water Distribution System.

“Water Distribution System” means the City’s potable water distribution system and the real property on which the above-ground structures constituting part of such system are located, as described in Appendix 1, consisting generally of pipes, pumping stations, wells, storage reservoirs, mains, valves, treatment works, distribution facilities and equipment, together with all improvements thereto acquired, installed, constructed or reconstructed from time to time.

In a simple statement, “unaccounted-for water” is the water purchased and treated for usage by consumers, and during delivery is lost. Every drop of water that Stockton’s Municipal Utility provides to its customers is tracked. The utility meters, or measures, all the water that enters the system. This water comes from several different sources and the Utility keeps track of the origin of its water.

When water is delivered to customers, it passes through meters also to measure how much water various customers are using. Water billing utilizes these meter readings to construct the appropriate billing information.

The Service Contract in Appendix 6, Section 1.1.5, bullet point #9 states that OMI is to minimize the quantity of Unaccounted-for Water in the Water Distribution System so that it does not exceed 3.5%.  OMI is also to provide to the City, annually, a calculation of the quantity of Unaccounted-for Water in accordance with the method described in Attachment 3 to this Appendix 6.” The full details of Attachment 3 from Appendix 6 can be viewed in this report’s Appendix.

In determining Unaccounted-for Water (UAC), the following formulas and calculations shall apply:

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