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These two paragraphs can be understood by any prudent individual to mean… this is what you must do BEFORE the City releases the Municipal Utility to its vendor… BEFORE the Commencement Date (August 2003).

One of the many items that was to have been completed is:

Establishing standard operating procedures (SOPs) specific to the Managed Assets

The instrumental word is ESTABLISHING.  Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are the methods to be utilized by OMI’s employees, for the safe and correct operation and maintenance of ALL the managed assets. The process for the establishing the SOPs was:

OMI to submit to the City, for review and approval, draft SOPs

City Staff would review and return the draft SOPs to OMI for finalization

OMI delivers the final versions to City Staff.

This function had a deadline – Commencement Date. The SOPs were to validate that that OMI in fact really did know how to run the sophisticated municipal plant and water distribution system in Stockton.

In order to meet the deadline of Commencement Date, OMI provided 50 two-page SOPs created at other sites that they provided as proof they could operate the utility and they delivered these as originals. Thirty days after submission, these documents were returned to OMI as unacceptable.  OMI representatives informed the City that they were not capable of completing the SOPs and have hired a third party vendor to complete this requirement.

At the time of this Review (July 31, 2005), and stated in the Monthly Reports from OMI, the SOPs still have not been completed.  Although the documents provided by the third party vendor thus far are described as excellent, the SOPs have not been completed. (Note: in December 2005, OMI submitted the final set of SOPs)

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