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Within the Contract, Appendix 6, Section 1.0, the Operations and Maintenance of the Managed Assets begins with 35 specific requirements within the General section.  Following the General requirements are the other sections detailing the water, wastewater and stormwater system requirements.  

Sections 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 of Appendix 6 are the detailed requirements for preventative, predictive, corrective and emergency repair and replacement. The complexity of the maintenance operations is complicated further by OMI and the City’s failure to complete the maintenance procedure timeline described in the Service Contract.

The designed functionality of the computerized maintenance management system is to provide both scheduling and monitoring transparency. For the City to validate that OMI is conducting operations as required, it is important and necessary to have transparency and openness. The vagueness of the present reporting process makes compliance a difficult task at best. Without full understanding of the Service Contract and the complete working knowledge of the Municipal Utility, the general citizenry must trust the City Staff.

Two examples of items that have NOT been completed as of August 2004 and which had due dates prior to August 2004 are:

Sanitary and Stormwater preventative maintenance procedures have yet to be developed

Scheduling of the Operations Staff at the Main Plant and the Tertiary have yet to be completed

And this should be no surprise. Failures noted in this Review previously, means failure in this section. Without the development of preventative maintenance procedures and incomplete scheduling of Operations Staff, one could extrapolate that OMI has no sense of order in the maintenance function.  Since there have been no reports delivered to City Council regarding the performance of the Service Contract, one might also extrapolate that City Staff, City Management and the City Council have no idea whether the services they pay $1.6 million per month are being performed.  

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