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Contract speaks loudly about OMI’s inability to perform even to simplest of contact responsibilities, operate with a fully trained and tenured staff.

Maintenance – required a set of procedures and a computerized program. As of this writing there still is no complete set of standard operating procedures and therefore no computerized maintenance management program. Efficiency in operation and maintenance was a proclamation shouted loudly by proponents of this Service Contract. In our opinion, with the lack of a set of standard operating procedures and no fully implemented computerized maintenance program it will only be a matter of time before those who know this utility begin to see its demise. Predictable, preventative, and corrective maintenance is essential to keeping the integrity of the City’s utility. Without procedures and scheduled maintenance the wastewater plant and its outlying infrastructure may face expensive reconstruction.

Sanitary Sewer Overflows – have plagued Stockton for quite sometime. The Regional Water Board directed the Municipal Utility Department to address and construct a plan of action to reduce the overflows. Knowing this issue was present, at the time of signing the Service Contract, it is a bit puzzling why the City would contract with a partner who’s track record for sewer overflows in their own country is abysmal. Looking at the general lack of contract performance in many areas, in our opinion, it’s no wonder that sewer overflows are on the rise.

The behavior  of OMI Thames Water Stockton is very much like that of many individuals  driving down our roads and highways. There is a posted speed limit, 35, 55, or even 65 mph. It doesn’t take long to see drivers ignoring the speed requirements. Many drivers are stopped, given a ticket for their violation, appear in court and then pay their fine.  Then get back in their car and drive away from the courthouse, over the speed limit. OMI has demonstrated this same behavior.

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