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PGCE interviews

1. Secondary English and Drama. University of X


Remember what you’ve said about yourself!

On the completion of my GTTR application form, I made a photocopy of my personal statement to re-read before going down to X. This was to prove invaluable during the interview procedure as I was thoroughly quizzed on everything that I had written!

I was asked to arrange a one-day, pre-interview placement at a local secondary school to familiarise myself with the teaching environment. The notes that I took would be used as the basis for discussion. Even if this isn’t a prerequisite for your interview, I would thoroughly recommend going into school; the English teacher I shadowed both asked me lots of preparative questions and provided me with various answers and ideas.

I also had to prepare a 5-minute oral presentation on any of the following areas: a topic relevant to delivery in the English or Drama classroom, an educational issue, or personal reasons for wanting to teach. I chose to discuss the methods I would use to teach Macbeth, Act 1 Scene 1, in the KS3 classroom, focusing on active learning strategies and the relevance of Shakespeare to this particular age group. Others spoke on the role of language in the media using newspapers as a visual aid, and on attainment in boys. However, my feeling was that the interviewers were more interested in the way we communicated our ideas, rather than in what we were actually talking about.

The Interview:

Before my individual interview, I was given a piece of work written by a KS3 pupil to comment on. It was a response to a task concerning Romeo and Juliet, and I was asked to consider and comment on:

The level of knowledge about and understanding of the play

A personal/creative response to the play and task

Quality of expression

Accuracy of grammar, spelling and punctuation.

My interview was with a university tutor and teacher from a partnership school. They asked specific questions concerning my

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