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Then we watched a 5 minute piece of video footage of Mary Berry teaching 'The Tempest' to a year 7 English class. We were asked to consider what we found surprising, enjoyable and disappointing about her teaching methods.

We then looked at 12 bullet points detailing what makes a great English teacher. We had to think of one more quality that a great English teacher would possess and write about it for 10 minutes. Apparently, this was the literacy test that the government now requires every would-be teacher to complete!

In the Individual Interview, I was asked 6 main questions including:

What had I found really enjoyable in my degree? (I talked for ages here about the children's fiction module and they seemed really receptive to the fact that I had a sound knowledge of contemporary literature written for children).

Why did I want to do my PGCE at Z?

What steps would I take when faced with an unruly class?

Where did I stand on the question of streamed and mixed ability groups?

That's about it!

I'm currently working as the school secretary in the Junior department of a prep school. The children are mostly very sweet although the parents can be a bit tiring sometimes! It's quite an eye-opener!

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