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Roszaini Haniffa and

d i m e n s i o n p r o d u c t s : r e p o r t n o d e f e c t , r e p o r t d e f e c t ,

  • report how to rectify defect’ etc. If the IB reports no

defect, the next two items may be irrelevant unless we found contradictions. Hence, we read the entire report before making any judgement and penalising the orga- nisation.

14 Wiseman (1982) used a weighted index to mea- sure disclosure, but in this study the items were not weighted because of potential scoring bias and scaling problems, which is consistent with Cooke (1989) and Ahmed and Nichols (1994).


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Mohammad Hudaib

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Marketing Deegan, C.

37(7/8), 1095–1118. and M. Rankin: 1997,

  • The



Environmental Information ports., Accounting, Auditing

to Users of Annual Re- and Accountability Journal

10(4), 562–583. Dien, M. Y. I.: 1992


  • Islamic Ethics and the Environ-

ment, in F. Khalid and J. O’Brien (eds.) Islam and Ecology (Cassell, U.K.), pp. 25–35. Dowling, G.: 2001, Creating Corporate Reputations: Iden- tity, Image, and Performance (Oxford University Press Inc, New York).

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