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This manual familiarizes you with the operation of your iPod®* integration kit in conjunction with the COMAND or Audio system. The operating instructions that follow will help you with connecting the iPod® in the vehicle and using the multi- function steering wheel controls and asso- ciated functions in a quick and optimal manner. Please keep in mind technical details are subject to alteration with regard to the diagrams and descriptions. The sep- arate COMAND Operator’s Manual or vehi- cle Operator’s Manual is referred to within this manual and it is recommended you have it on-hand for reference. For instruc- tions on how to operate your iPod® when it is not connected to the integration kit please refer to the separate iPod® User Guide.

* i P o d ® , i P o d ® G e n e r a t i o n 4 , i P o d ® G e n e r a t i o n 5 ,

i P o d ® p h o t o , i P o d ® v i d e o , i P o d ® m i n i ,

i P o d ® U 2 , i P o d ® c l a s s i c , i P o d ® n a n o ,

i P o d ® t o u c h , i P h o n e ® a n d i T u n e s ® a r e t r a d e -

marks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


These operating instructions are valid for the following vehicles: C-Class and the GLK ( model series 204), E-Class (model series 212) and E-Class (model series 207), when equipped with an iPod® Interface Kit. The following iPod®-models can be used in conjunction with the integration kit:

  • iPod® Generation 4

  • iPod® Generation 5

  • iPod® photo

  • iPod® video

  • iPod® mini

  • iPod® U2

  • iPod® classic

  • iPod® 120GB classic

  • iPod® nano Generation 1

  • iPod® nano Generation 2

  • iPod® nano Generation 3

  • iPod® nano Generation 4

  • iPod® touch Generation 1

  • iPod® touch Generation 2

® ®1 • iPhone /iPhone 3G .

All the above models are referred to in the following as iPod®.

1 . T h e i P o d ® f u n c t i o n s o f t h e i P h o n e ® iPhone® 3G can be used via the iPod Integration kit. /


Please note if your vehicle is equipped with an auxiliary audio input jack in the glove box and the automatic audio selector switch (optional) that this auxiliary audio input jack is active as long as the iPod is not plugged in. Once the iPod is plugged into the system the auxiliary audio input jack is automatically deactivated and the audio-playback through the vehicle loud- speakers comes from the iPod®.

If your vehicle is not equipped with the optional automatic audio selector switch the auxiliary audio input jack has to be removed upon installation of the iPod® integration kit. As a result no other audio device can be connected as long as the iPod® integration kit remains installed in your vehicle.

If you should sell your Mercedes-Benz please ensure this operating manual is transferred to the subsequent owner; it is an important part of your vehicle.

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