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DATE 09/04/81


TO Minker


FROM Calvo


DESCRIPTION Adonina Matide Calvo wrote concerning her nephew Roberto Ardito. “We are greatly thanked to you because of the information you have given us about our nephew, Roberto Ardito. It is the first report we have received since we have begun to look for him, his wife and his sister. (new para.) The date of his disappearance is wrong, because he was taken from his house on the night of 13th October 1976, and not on the night of the 10th as you put in your letter. He was not taken alone. His wife, Atalinda Coma was taken with him. At that moment she was employed in a French Film Company, as the manager’s secretary. (new para.) Beatriz Ardito, Robert’s sister, was taken from her house on the same night. She was (excuse us because as we do not know how to translate it, we write it in Spanish), “Professora de ensenanza normal y expecial en Ciencias de la Education”. (new para.) All they were taken from their houses by men who said to be policemen. We know this because we were with Beatriz when she was abducted. Roberto’s mother-in-law told us that the men who took them said to belong to police. Roberto and his wife were in their house with their two daughters (9 and 11 years old at that moment) when the men arrived. They reached the house with Atalindas mother, left her there to take care of the girls and hurried to out with our nephew and niece, (new para.) We can only tell you that we have gone to every pleace we had to go to look for them, but with unsuccessful results, (new para.) We would like you to send us all the information you can obtain concerning to him. (new para.) We are going to send you two of this letter, one from Spain and the other from here because we fear that the letter can be opened before leaving Argentina. (new para.) We are Roberto’s aunts, we are 83 and 73 years old, and the only thing we want to see them alive, because they are the only relatives we have. (new para.) Thank you for everything you have been doing for our nephew. (new para.) Very faithfully and respectully yours, Adonina Matide Calvo.” Thanks him for the March 1981 HR Report. ‘It’s very good indeed.’ Recommends he obtain USSR News Briefs to keep up to date on violations.


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