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DESCRIPTION UMD publication, Vol. 12, No. 3, page 1 article, ‘UM Computer Expert Heads NSF Committee’ Computer departments at major American universities will benefit in the future as the result of an advisory committee headed by UMCP computer professor Jack Minker. the profesor of computer science has been reappointed as Chairman of the National Science Foundation’s Advisory Committee on Computer Science, which recommends policy matters to the NSF. Under Minker’s leadership, several important initiatives have been recommended to the NSF and have already been implemented. Two recommendations already instituted: an Experimental Computer Program intended to give large grants for multiple years to enhance experimental research and permit outstanding departments to obtain modern computer equipment; and a Distributed Communication Network intended to provide communication between departments of computer sciience throughout the U.S. In addition, says Minker, the committee has made major recommendations to the NSF concerning research to support cryptology. Photo of Andrei Sakharov and several others. On other side map of USSR concentration camps, prisons and psychiatric prisons by Michael Makarenko former Soviet political prisoner. Computers Used for the Suppression of Human Rights. Discusses Swaminath proposal on publishing list of those using computers to suppress human rights. Discusses traps and guidelines. Asks for comments. Attaches Swaminath letter of 07/07/81; Ashenhurst letter 07/27/81; Ralston letter 08/03/81; Swaminath response 08/31/81. Swaminath provides reponse to Ralston letter and attaches A PROPOSAL to be considered by CSFHR. The substance of the proposal is: 1. Make a list of countries/orgs. possibly committing the crime and 2. Send the list of black-listed countries/orgs. to manufacturers and request they avoid sale of machines to these clients. Thanks Minker for March 1981 ACM HR Report. “You can imagine how glad we are to get such letters as yours, this is probably one of the rare things which relieves us from almost complete despair as for the time being there seems to be not too much hope. Perhaps the only hope lies in the activities of colleagues from abroad as the ‘persons concerned’ here seem to be rather vulnerable to computer science ‘exchange’.” Discusses his plight in detail. Letter delivered by S.B. whose name I do not know, who delivered it from his friend Haim Kilov, as noted on a card attached with letter. Author of letter’s name deleted.


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