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DATE 02/20/81



TO Colleague

FROM James Jones

Jerusalem Post


DESCRIPTION Calgary University.Encloses material prepared by well-known logician Gregory Minc who works at the Steklov Institute. He was promoted to Senior researcher in September 1980 and voluntarily resigned to apply for emigration to Israel. He did not want to make trouble for his then superior, Shanin. One factor was his difficulties in getting his daughter, Anna, admitted to Leningrad State University. He cites an example of one such problem she had to do in a short period of time: to determine which of the following was larger, integral from

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    pi/2 to +pi/2 of e to the power -cos squared of x dx or pi/2

(she solved problem using e to the power x ¿= 1+x). Was only Jew admitted to LSU in Math-Mech. His application severly disrupted his life since relatives refused to go thhrough with his emigration. Minc’s wife decided not to emigrate and they divorced. His wife relented later and they are now together. It is unclear what he is going to do next. Zion Yosef Mandelevich arrived in Israel after release from jail. Part of ‘Leningrad group’ who failed to flee to west in aircraft. Federico E. Alvarez Rojas, Buenos Aires, Argentina, asks letter be sent to the Pres. of Argentina on behalf of Federico Eduardo Alvarez Rojas, Jr. and his wife Hilda Garciela Ieikis de Alvarez Rojas. Both were abducted 10/01/76 by a heavily armed gang who raided their home, fosaking their 3 children. They overturned everything in the house and stole items including their car. Rojas, Jr. was a physicist at the National Univ., Buenos Aires. Mrs. Rojas was a teacher and a scientific computer person who worked at BAIRESCO (S.A.) Burroughs. Five pages attached. Page 1 (dated October 1978). Personal data on the Rojas’, The Assault, Confidential Data, Proceedings and other actions, Note 1: Rojas,Jr. was o ered MIT Visiting Research Scientist position, Note 2: Mrs. Rojas began a claim against the state when she was dismissed by an antisemitic official shortly before abduction. Page 2. (dated 16/12/77) REPORT on the antisemitic e orts by a Miss Alicia Celina Rodriguez Trelles who caused the dismissal. Page 3 (o4/18/78 (REPORT) on disposal of Mrs. Rojas’ claim. The judge decided on behalf of the claimant. The State appealed and the original sentence was upheld by the Nation’s Supreme Court on 02/07/77 (the couple was abducted October 1976.). Page 4 (04/18/78) Compelling story of what happened 42 days after abduction by visitor to Rojas,SR.’s house by a woman whose son had shared a prison cell with Rojas,Jr. and had just been released. Page 5. (04/07/78) from Buenos Aires Herald. Reports one of scientists adopted by NAS is Rojas,Jr., whose great uncle was famous writer Ricardo Rojas and Related to Admiral Isaac-Francisco Rojas, former Vice-Pres., Argentina, and a leader of the Liberating Revolution of 1955. His father is a scientist and author in the tradition of the Rojas family.


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