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Chapter Eight l Brand Protection

Broadcast and Internet Monitoring

The IOC continued the highly effective practices of broadcast and Internet monitoring during the 2006 Olympic Winter Games. Designed to protect the Olympic Movement and the contractual rights of broadcast and marketing partners, the sophisticated programme monitors global television broadcasts and thousands of web sites for various infringements of Olympic marketing, broadcasting and clean venue regulations:

  • Any unauthorised use of the Olympic Marks

  • Ambush marketing advertisements

  • Commercial overlays on the Olympic Games broadcast, commonly referred to as “clean screen


  • Overt in-studio commercial signage or presence marketing

  • Misuse and/or unauthorised use of Olympic properties and/or rights by broadcasters rights holders,

Olympic sponsors and NOC sponsors

  • Olympic athletes’ and TV presenters’ manufacturers’ label on their clothing exceeding 20cm2 in size

Compliance monitoring successfully identified infringing material in markets of concern, enabling the IOC to act swiftly for the removal of such activity to protect the Olympic brand and the rights of sponsors, broadcasters and licensees.

  • The Olympic broadcast was monitored in 35 key markets

  • An efficient communications network and reporting system was constructed between field analysts in 35 countries, the monitoring agency’s offices in several countries, and the IOC officials in Turin

  • The programme included around-the-clock monitoring over the course of the first three days of competition

Clean Field of Play

The Olympic Games is the only major event in the world today that, as a matter of strict policy, maintains a commercial-free field of play, with very limited branding allowed. A clean field of play emphasises sport over the commercial agenda and protects the Olympic brand. This standard also eliminates distracting messages from the field of play and differentiates the Olympic Games from virtually all other sporting events.

120 l IOC Marketing Report – Torino 2006

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