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Chapter Eight l Brand Protection

Olympic Marks Approval

Olympic partners communicate their association with the Olympic brand through the use of Olympic marks, imagery and references. To protect the Olympic brand and to ensure the value of Olympic association for all Olympic partners, all such executions must adhere to established standards of proper usage.

The standards for proper usage of Olympic marks are guided by Olympic Charter and detailed in the Olympic Marks & Imagery Usage Manual published by the IOC. With these resources as a basis, the IOC and the Organising Committees review all materials, executions and communications of Olympic sponsors, broadcasters and other Olympic entities that include Olympic references, imagery or marks to ensure compliance with guidelines for proper usage. Furthermore, the IOC and the Organising Committee work to protect the rights of all Olympic partners by preventing and confronting the unauthorised use of Olympic marks, imagery or references by non-Olympic partners.

The Olympic Marketing Extranet online communications resource is instrumental in managing the process of Olympic marks approval worldwide. Known as Athena and managed by IOC Television & Marketing Services, the extranet provides Olympic partners with an efficient and effective means of submitting materials and executions for review and receiving timely approval.

124 l IOC Marketing Report – Torino 2006

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