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Based on new information, it looks like operations and maintenance transportation projects, including resurfacing, will have priority. He noted that the City Engineer has a detailed list of $4.5 million in resurfacing projects and details will be provided to City Council in the next week.

Erosion Projects Funded by the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service Grants – Mr. Schluckebier advised that following Tropical Storm Fay, the City was able to secure financing from a previously not utilized federal funding source (USDA). The USDA has authorized an additional 60 days for the City to complete those projects. And, they have asked the City to submit additional projects. Staff hopes to provide an action item on the next Council agenda.

Sign Code Revisions – City Attorney Paul Gougelman reported that Council Member Mike Nowlin asked for an update on the revisions to the City’s Sign Code. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals invalidated the entire sign code for the City of Neptune Beach. In doing so, they set a precedent, which applied to every city and county in three states in the Southeastern United States, including Florida. As a result, the City Council agreed to appoint special counsel considered national experts in sign codes. Special counsel, Assistant City Attorney Suzanne Crockett, and Code Compliance personnel have been meeting to overhaul the code and resolve some of the constitutional concerns.

The revisions are on the following tentative schedule: In January and February, the draft will be finalized; in March, charettes will be organized for interested parties and consumers of the Sign Code; depending on feedback, ideas will be engrossed in the draft; the item will appear before the Planning and Zoning Board in May for public hearing; and the item will be brought to City Council.

Settlement of West Melbourne/Melbourne Lawsuit – Without objection, Council added Item 16.1 to the agenda.

Summary of Additional Costs Associated with the Daily Bread Facility – Mrs. Corby referenced the report provided by Planning and Economic Development Director Cindy Dittmer. She asked if we have the total number of police calls that were specifically made to the Daily Bread area and the number of “additional meetings” held by Planning staff on this issue. Regarding the meetings, Mrs. Dittmer said that she calculated the time spent over and above routine items. Mrs. Corby replied that she’s looking for a tangible number; however, if staff does not have that information, that’s fine.

Additionally, Mrs. Corby asked if we have an the scene and whether the average would

idea of the change.

average time an officer spends The City Manager noted that

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average is just that, an average. Corby said that the intent of the questions should help staff break

The number can take in a wide variation of factors. Mrs. report was to calculate expenditures. She said that her the issue down and provide the true calculation on costs.

Council Member Mark LaRusso asked if an abnormal number of staff meetings usually goes along with a complex development. He cited Hynes’ developments, Marina Towers and

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