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Mounted Tube) Time Req. to Empty a Vert. Cyl. (Rounded Orifice) Time Req. to Empty a Vert. Cyl. (Sharp Edged Orifice) Time Req. to Empty a Vert. Cyl. (Short Flush- Mounted Tube) Torque Vertical Pipe Discharge Water Flow Work and Power

Mechanical Engineering

Angular Motion Avg Concrete Pipe Weight Bevel Gear Forces Blanking (Capacity of Press) Blanking (material thickness < 0.25) Capacity of Conical Storage Piles Capacity of Triangular Storage Piles Centrifugal force Centrifugal Tension (Belt Or Chain) Classical Kinetic Energy Curling Punches for Rivets Damped Sinusoidal Motion Drums and Reels (Completely Filled) Drums and Reels (Partially Filled) Earth’s Escape Velocity

Earths Gravitational Attraction Estimating Air Consumption Freq of Conical Pendulum Frequency of mass-spring oscillator Frustum of a Cone Gravitational Free Fall HeatLoss From Insulated Piping Hollow Sphere OutsideRadius Impact Force of Drop Hammer Inclined plane Linear Motion Moment of Inertia Newton’s Second Law Pipe Setback Length Power Requirements of Drilling Power Requirements of Milling Rect. Duct Circular Equiv Relativistic Energy Sheet Metal Bend Allowance SheetMetal BendAllowance(Radius < 2 * thickness)


Area of an Ellipse (0.12 Area of an Ellipse (0.36 Area of an Triangle Calculate Dia. of Circle,Given side of a square Calculate side of a square ,Given Dia. of Circle Hollow Circle Sector Quadratic Equation Trigonometric Functions Vol of a Cone Vol of a Cube Vol of a Cylinder Vol of a Pyramid Vol of a sphere Vol of a Sphere Segment Vol of a Torus Vol of Annulus Vol of Triangular Prism

Pipe Flow

Darcy Equation Darcy pipe flow Flow from Side Orifice of a Tank Flow Over a Rectangular Weir Flow Over a Triangular Weir Flow Under a Sluice Gate Fluid flow with friction Hagen-Poiseuille Equation HeadLoss in Sudden Pipe Expansion Laminar pipe flow friction factor NPSH Pipe Discharge Pressure Drop Swamee-Jain Equation

Pneumatic Engineering

Air Compressor Input Power (Eff 50 %) Air Cylinder Cushioning Air Receiver Sizing Air Valve Sizing, Cv Pneumatic Valve Sizing, CV Method Valve CV, Gases

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