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6.2.1 List of Properties:

Absolute Zero Acceleration ( Angular ) Acceleration ( Linear ) Activation Energy Angle Angular Momentum Area Area per unit Volume Boltzmann Constant Charge / Mole Concentration Conductivity Cost of Power Cp Cutting Tools Data Rate Data Storage Density Depth Dimensionless Displacement Distance Dynamic Fluidity (1/viscosity) Electric Dipole Moment Electric Field Strength Electrical Capacitance Electrical Charge Electrical Conductivity Electrical Current Electrical Inductance Electrical Potential Electrical Resistance Electrical Resistivity Energy Energy Flux Energy per unit Area Mass Per Unit Length Mass Transfer Co-efficient Molar Concentration Molar Flow Rate Molar Heat Capacity Molecular Weight Moment of Inertia Moment of Inertia ( Area ) Momentum Momentum Flow Rate Momentum Flux Number Permeability Permeability Factor Photon Emission Rate

Enthalpy Feed Feet of Pipe Flow Rate( Mass ) Flow Rate( Volume ) Force Force ( Body ) Force Per Unit Mass Fouling Factor Frequency Fuel Efficiency Geometric Displacement Heat of Combustion Heat of Fusion Heat of Vaporization Heat Transfer Co-efficient Height Henry's Law Constant Illuminance Inductance Integration Constant Intensity of Ionizing Radiation Kinetic Energy of Turbulence Length Linear Momentum Linear Thermal expansion coefficient Luminance Magnetic Field Strength Magnetic Flux Magnetic Flux Density Magnetic Moment Magnetomotive Force Mass Mass Density Mass Flowrate Mass Flux Mass Per Unit Area Viscosity ( Kinematic ) Voltage ( emf ) Voltage Ratio / Frequency Volume Volumetric Calorific Value Volumetric Coefficient of Expansion Volumetric Flow Volumetric Mass Flow rate Wave Number Wavelength of max. Radiation Intensity Width Work Temperature (Boiling pt. At 1 atm) Torque Conversion


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