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2.1 List of Calculators:


Airflow Alternate Depression CFM of Carburetor (Displacement in³) Circle Surface Area Coil Spring Rate Cone Surface Area Coolant Percentage Coolant Volume Crawl Ratio Crawl Speed Cube Surface Area Cylinder Surface Area Dew Point And Relative Humidity Differential Gear Ratio Drag Performance Dyno Correction Ellipse Surface Area Engine Compression Distance Engine Compression Ratio Engine RPM1 Engine RPM2 Engine Size Engine Size and Compression Fuel Consumption Fuel Estimation per Capacity Fuel Injector Flow Fuel Required For Trip Gas Oil Mixture Ratio (Metric Values) Gas Oil Mixture Ratio (US Values) Gear Ratio Tire size Gear Selector Header Tube Highway costs with energy track Horse power Gain Horsepower (ET method) Horsepower (Trap-speed method) Incline Downgrade Grade Percent Inlet Runner Area to Engine Size Match Irregular Triangle Surface Area Metric Grade Percent1 Metric Grade Percent2 Metric Vertical Climb Index Mileage Compensation MPH Oblong Cylindrical Tank Volume Octane Rating


Electrical Engineering

Ammeter Shunts Cap. of a Sphere in Space (Capacitance) Cap. of a Sphere in Space (Radius) Capacitance Capacitance Law Capacitance of a Toroid Capacitive Energy Capacitor Charge Cap-Freq-Ind (Capacitance) Cap-Freq-Ind (Frequency) Cap-Freq-Ind (Inductance) CCD Object Size Coulombs Law Cylindrical Capacitor DC Inductor Voltage Electrical Harmonics Helical Coil Inductance Helical Primary Turns for Coils Horsepower Created by a hydraulic motor H-Pad Resistance Impedance & Resonant Capacitor for Coils Impedance & Resonant Capacitor for Coils Inductance For Spiral Flat Coils Inductive Energy Inverting Amplifier Jar Capacitance For Coils L / C Reactance (Capacitive Reactance) L / C Reactance (Inductive Reactance) Len of Wire AND Freq. of Coil (Freq.of Coil) Len of Wire AND Freq. of Coil (Len of Wire) Motor calculation ( Fan - compressor motors ) Motor calculation ( Lifts, elevators and cranes ) Motor calculation ( Pump motor ) Motor Estimators ( Find Amps ) Motor Estimators ( Find HP ) Motor Estimators ( Kva ( 3 Phase ) )

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