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Entropy Exchange in HeatXfer Film Temperature Gray-body Radiation Heat Conduction in Hollow Cylinder Heat conduction in hollow sphere Heat conduction in plane wall Heat convection Local FlatPlate Nusselt(laminar) Nusselt for cylinder in cross-flow Single-lump transient temperature evolution Tube Flow Nusselt (turbulent)

Heat Exchanger

Effectiveness of CounterFlow Double Pipe Exchanger Effectiveness of Parallel Flow Double Pipe Exchanger Fouling Factor Heat Capacity Rate Heat Capacity Rate Ratio Heat Exchange-LMTD Relation (Dbl Pipe Exchanger) Heat exchange-LMTD Relation (Non-Double Pipe Exch) Heat Exchanger Enthalpy Flow Heat Xfer Coeff Inside Smooth Tube Laminar Flow Heat Xfer Coeff Inside Smooth Tube Turbulent Flow LMTD (Log-mean Temp Difference) no. of Xfer Units Plate Heat Exchanger OHT Coeff Thermal Effectiveness Thermal Efficiency Thermal efficiency-F-NTU Relation (R equal to 1) Thermal Efficiency-F-NTU-R Relation (R not equal to 1


Humidity Ratio Mixture Density Moist Air Density Moist Air Enthalpy Relative Humidity Water Vapor Density


Transformer Impedence Transformer KVA Quick Calc ( 1 ph ) Transformer KVA Quick Calc( 3 ph) Wheatstone Bridge

Fluid Mechanics

Andrades equation Atm Press variation in troposphere Bernouillis equation Biot Capillary Pressure in Liquid Drop Cavitation Circular Disk in Normal, Creeping Flow Cd Circular Disk in Parallel, Creeping Flow Cd Critical pressure ratio Drag Coefficient Eckert Fourier heat Xfer Fourier mass Xfer Froude Grashof Hydrostatic Pressure Isentropic density-Mach relation Isentropic pressure-Mach relation Isentropic Temp-Mach relation Isothermal Gas Layer Press-Elevation Relation Kinematic Viscosity Laminar b.l. displacement thickness Laminar b.l. momentum thickness Laminar b.l. thickness Laminar BL Friction Drag Coeffi Laminar BL Local Friction Coeff Lewis Lift Coefficient Linear Thermal Expansion Mach Newtons Viscosity Law Nusselt Peclet heat Xfer Peclet Mass Xfer Prandtl Pressure Coefficient Reynolds Roughness Ratio Schmidt Sherwood Specific Heat Ratio

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