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MWSA April 2008


NRA and OTHER COURSES. continued

HUNTER EDUCATION (State of NH) Spring and Fall courses are offered at MWSA. The Spring course dates are April 2, 3, 8, 10, 14, 16, 18, and 19.The Hunter Education course is required by all states prior to obtaining your first hunting license. The course fee is $5.00. Pre-registration is required.

NRA BASIC PISTOL May 10 & 17. This course teaches new or inexperienced shooters the foundations in safety and use of revolvers and semiautomatic handguns. Contact Ron Thomas at ronthomas@verizon.net or 942-5656.

NRA BASIC RIFLE 2008 June 14 and 15. Contact Bob Makowski at 332-1032 or vitalsupply@metrocast.net.

Contact Carl Waterhouse at 664-9369 or bub@zooziis.com for more information and/or to register.

BOWHUNTER EDUCATION (State of NH) April 4 from 7-9 PM and April 12 from 8AM - 5PM. Course certifi- cation is required for first time purchase of the special Ar- chery hunting license. Must be 12 years or older in order to be certified. Course fee is $5.00. Class size is limited.

Register with Dan Keleher at 603-692-2149 or via email at Bearcat64@hotmail.com.

NRA PERSONAL PROTECTION in the HOME This course teaches those who are planning to incorporate a fire- arm into their home protection plan the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for home defense. This course is for expe- rienced shooters. The NRA Basic Pistol or passing a compe- tency test is required for admission. Reservations for the next class are underway. For more information or to sign up, con- tact Bob Makowski at vitalsupply@metrocast.net.


NRA INSTRUCTOR TRAINING The Indoor Range will be closed on April 6th from 9AM until 3PM.

NRA HOME FIREARM SAFETY April 26th from 6-10 PM. This course is a good introduction for those who have been thinking about taking shooting lessons but have never handled a firearm. We offer this course to promote safe gun handling. Course fee is $15. Registration is required.

Contact Ron at ronthomas@verizon.net or 942-5656.

TACTICAL PRACTICE / SURVIVOR SERIES the fourth Friday and Sunday of the month, but check the calen- dar in case there are changes. Friday classes start at 6:30 PM are open to anyone who has been to previous Sunday TPs. Sunday classes are split, with experienced shooters 8- 10 AM, new shooters 10 AM until Noon or 1:00 PM.

These monthly sessions are meant to develop, maintain and test a shooter’s defensive tactics and skills. Topics include mental attitude, low light shooting, concealed carry, cover and concealment, weak-hand shooting and firearms handling, se- lection of the optimum firearms/calibers for individual use and many other topics.

This course is geared for both new and advanced shooters. It is advantageous to have graduated from the NRA Personal Protection in the Home course.

Fees: $5 members/$7 nonmembers. Contact Bob Makowski at vitalsupply@metrocast.net.

NRA BASIC SHOTGUN May 2 and 3, and October 10 and 11. This course teaches new or inexperienced shoot- ers the foundations in safety and use of all types of shot- guns with an emphasis on the ability to hit moving targets such as skeet, trap and sporting clays.

Contact Dan at dpddandre@aol.com or Casey Matthews at camtile@aol.com.

Note: Anyone wishing to become an NRA certified Shot- gun Instructor so they can help, contact Bob Makowski at vitalsupply@metrocast.net for details on obtaining the train- ing.

MWSA MEMBER SERVING IN IRAQ Skeet shoot- ing members might be interested to know that regular skeet shooter James Fender, legal counsel at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, left Dover on January 13, 2008 for indoctri- nation at Norfolk and a SC Army base prior to duties in Iraq. From SC, Jim pit-stopped in Kuwait City for further orienta- tion and arrived in Baghdad on February 19th where he began his volunteer committment of 179 days to provide legal services to General Patraeus.

I'm certain Jim would appreciate hearing from any Club members and their comments about his having to work 12- hour days wearing 50 lbs of body armor plus a 10 lb Kevlar helmet.Jim's e-mail address is jamesefender@gmail.com, and until the end of August his APO address is: JAMES E FENDER, MNFI OSJA, AL FAW PALACE BAGHDAD, APO AE 09342. - Philip D Bogdonoff

KEY CHANGE / EXCHANGE Monday April 7th. 12pm to 7pm. Cost of the key will be $35.00. Current key holders MUST turn in their old key or a fee of $8.00 will be accessed. Members wishing to be issued a key for the first time must bring documentation of successfully passing the indoor range test by the indoor range chairman.

LEGISLATION AFFECTING YOUR GUN RIGHTS Go to www.gencourt.state.nh.us/ns/ - search for keywords such as “gun,” “firearm,” “weapon,” etc. Thomas.loc.gov will take you to where you can look up federal bills affecting your gun rights. Some are good; most are not; some are a direct assault on your right to keep and bear arms.

Contact Evelyn at elogan@metrocast.net for more infor- mation. Whatever you do, get involved: protect your rights!

HISTORY OF MAJOR WALDRON’S Bob Layton would like to get information about the history of Major Waldron’s for the History Page of the website (www.majorwaldron.com/web/about/index.htm). Articles, sto- ries, photos, and memories are welcome, but please be sure that they can be authenticated in some way. Contact Bob at the_Laytons@comcast.net.

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