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3. Cut out the accompanying labels that name the features of the Sun (There are more labels than you need in case some get lost.) Place labels of the Sun’s features on the photographs in Figures 2 and 3 so that the arrow on the label points to the name of the feature where it is located. You are to identify as many different features in the time allowed, including locating the same feature on as many different photographs as pos- sible.

Note: Identify a feature only once per photograph even though it may appear in several different places.

4. As a group, on a large sheet of paper, draw and color a sketch for the exterior features of the Sun that were identified on the photos. The drawings are to be as realistic as possible. Compare the new drawing to your initial drawing. How many features did you know about and how many were new? Write this information in the space provided.

5. Post your group’s drawing somewhere in your room as directed by the teacher. When all the drawings are posted, you will take a “wisdom walk” (without talking, go around the room and view the other groups’ drawings).

6. Find someone who was not in your group to pair up with. Spend a minute thinking on your own about what you saw in the diagrams of the Sun. Then discuss your observa- tions and ideas with your partner. Record your ideas in the space provided, along with any questions you might have about features on the Sun.


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