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‘Having my colours done’ in May 1992 was an event that was going to change the direction ... - page 2 / 4





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It was a shock! ‘I can’t wear pink’ I protested weakly. ‘I’ll look like a Barbie Doll’, as I saw a healthy glow replace a sickly pallid skin brought about by a drape in my favourite shade of peach.

But I was captivated. This was hard but it was a revelation. The Consultant described me as an ‘Ice maiden’. This appealed to me. Memories of childhood came flooding back. I remembered a time when at the age of 5 I wanted to be ‘Ice and Snow’ in the school play. The reason was I loved the silver and icy colours of the costume. But I was selected to play ‘the sunshine’ and my mum made me a yellow net outfit in which did not feel right and I envied my sparkly, silver grey co stars!

The consultant went on to apply make up in my new colours- I loved the new look. Greys and pinks instead of my browns and spicy tones. As she suggested I changed gold jewellery for silver I wondered why I always chose gold when now the differences were pointed out to me. I think I chose gold because that’s what I chose. Full stop. No reason. But forced to think about it I never felt ‘at one’ with my gold wedding ring or my gold watch.

I left the studio feeling thrilled and confident-looking forward to trying my new colours. One hour later while searching for some silver earrings the salesman invited me out on a lunch date. Not that I went but I was delighted that my new look would so quickly bring about such dramatic results!

I knew I was onto something when first of all my husband noticed and then the next day wearing a new pale pink T-shirt and an older rose beige suit which I never been sure of but now was brought to life by my new top and wearing my new make up, my colleagues did a double take. Everything took off from there.

Compliments flowed, I enjoyed shopping with my Colour Swatch as a guide and most importantly I felt different, more confident and more daring.

From this day to this I have never worn a colour next o my face that is not in my colour swatch. I started off trying to wear my 'old colours’ for now but it didn’t work for me. I found it was one thing being in blissful ignorance of t hose dark, sallow shadows but now I had been educated and trained to see the differences I couldn’t bring myself to wear them. As a result people always pay me compliments but dressing and make up is no effort. I only buy a small number of clothes, just High St brands. The beauty is once you know what you are looking for suddenly your clothes suit you and match each other so your wardrobe automatically co-ordinates. This means almost everything ‘mixes and matches’. All my tops go with all my trousers. My work wear can be changed by wearing different tops that create a different look according to what’s required for the day ahead.

I have a simple range of basic make up colours that can be low key for day but glammed up a little in the evening. Simple, easy, quick and great value for money.

When I look back now to Julie the Career Girl I can see that my power dressing did me no favours. I think my black made me look cold, stern and hard as I was to dominant against

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