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‘Having my colours done’ in May 1992 was an event that was going to change the direction ... - page 3 / 4





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my very Pale look. I think that’s how I came across and how I was treated. Now in my blues and soft colours people seem to be more attracted to me. I feel I must look softer, fresher and friendlier. My image is much less harsh, much more me, and people seem to warm to me.

I would love to go back and try that career again but this time in the right colours. That of course can never be but I do envy the young women whose mothers treat them to a consultation for a Special Birthday treat or as a graduation present. They learn about their colour and style from an early age. They will always know how to look great, saving money by always making wise buys.

So, having my colours done was a revelation- but my life was about to take a new turn. I had been so enthusiastic about my ‘colours’ I couldn’t stop talking about it and it was suggested that maybe Image consultancy was something I should think about doing. However with a busy lifestyle, no background in fashion or beauty, no money to invest and anyway I had a ‘proper job’ I thought it would be impossible. I had heard of training costing thousands of pounds so though the seed was sown it was a while before it would germinate. Within 6 months I met the person who would change my life. Meeting Annette Hughes through my husband’s business was a chance in a million- I believe fate took me in hand on that day. Annette is a gorgeous, lively, motivated person. She charms everyone she meets with her enthusiasm, positivity and love of life. She introduced herself as a Colour Consultant and offered to train me for a very modest investment. So after a few sleepless nights at using my limited savings to fund my new venture I committed myself to my training. I decided that the worst that could happen was that my business would be an enjoyable and sociable hobby. At best it would help through the inevitable downsizing of my Training Department which I suspected was just around the corner. I knew my job was vulnerable- this could be an alternative source of employment in recession hit Britain.

I nervously started my training. I qualified and one month later I had paid back my original investment. Everyone wanted their colours done; my idea had taken off.

My friends, colleagues, and other contacts all wanted their colours done. I was ecstatic! At first I fitted it in around my reasonably flexible job but it wasn’t long before a redundancy possibility came up and although I was very sorry to leave the NHS after 15 years, particularly my great BDC colleagues, it was a great opportunity to establish Colour & Style Consulting as a full-time business.

As time went on and I realised the potential of my service and the demand for it I took further training modules in Style Analysis, Make Up Application, Wardrobe Planning and Personal Shopping.

Using my training/ teaching/ management training background I started to run ‘Positive Image’ Workshops for Companies and I designed a popular leisure course which has now run many times in the Coventry and Warwickshire areas.

I called my business ‘Colour, Style & Confidence ‘helping you look your best whatever your age, shape, size or budget’

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