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competitors’ race cars, but decided that he did not want to be a one hundred per cent motor sport man. ‘I felt I did not want to compromise my road car work,’ he explains.

Despite this, motor sport was a major slice of the Tognola business in the early days. An approach from a Porsche racer in Hong Kong opened up new markets, and soon Peter was involved in preparing and running cars in the growing Far East GT scene, where European motor sport expertise was eagerly sought. He looks back on those years as ‘an experience, rather than a money-making exercise’.

Tognola recalls attending the first-ever race at the Zhuhai street circuit in China, and the time one owner had his car flown back to Berkshire for a check over between races.

Now, although there’s still motor sport involvement– and increasingly the preparation of cars for track days – much of the work undertaken is general maintenance and repair of road-going Porsches. Mainly it’s cars in the 1980 to 2003 period, but Peter says he is now seeing more and more early 911s through the doors, a trend he puts down to the continuing and growing interest in classic cars. The Carrera RS Touring in our pictures on one of the two post lifts is one of three RSs that regularly find their way to the workshops.

The two-man Tognola band tackles almost all Porsche work, including engine and transmission rebuilds, but excluding bodywork: for this Peter has a strong working relationship with SpeciaIised Paintwork, at nearby Reading. With System 2 equipment in-house, the duo can carry out diagnostic work on all pre-997 Porsches, and will soon acquire the necessary software to deal with the latest model in the line-up. Current labour rate is £60 per hour, excluding VAT.

Although primarily a ‘nuts and bolts’ workshop using mostly official Porsche parts, Tognola stocks a number of aftermarket products, such as SSI exhaust systems and Zymol car care preparations. Workshop services on offer include fuel-injector servicing, brake disc skimming and leather interior refurbishment.

Pro-Cut brake disc lathe removes surface rust from otherwise healthy discs

Peter is not in favour of ‘menu pricing’. Although it may be possible to put a fixed cost on servicing a car that is two years old, he claims there’s always additional work needed on an older vehicle. ‘We can give someone a ball-park figure,’ he says, ‘but usually we’ll need to provide a list of advice of what else needs attention. It’s then up to the customer to prioritise his requirements in accordance with his budget.’

The company will also carry out pre-purchase

LEFT: The Bosch-approved ASNU diagnostic apparatus tests injectors for flow rate and spray patterns and then ultra-sonically cleans them. After fitting with new filters and seals, the injectors are then re-tested before going back in the engine. Peter Tognola says that most owners notice an improvement in fuel economy and smooth running. ‘Injectors are an overlooked item, and need overhauling every 50,000 miles,’ he says. Cost is £18 (excluding VAT) per injector, including removal from the engine and replacement

RIGHT: Getting it right for the customer – Peter Tognola (right) and Greg Cranmer with their brace of 993 RS track-day cars



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