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This search showed that a number of learnerships are registered by the SETAs. AGRISETA has a list of registered learnerships that include, amongst others, Farm Owner: Agronomy, Farm Owner: Horticulture and Farm Owner: Animal Husbandry, at levels 1 and 2 on the NQF. These learnerships are similarly offered at the level of the Farm Worker at level 1 and 2 on the NQF. Various learnerships are similarly registered for sector specific farming, such as fruit, grain, milling, red meat, seed, sugar processing and tobacco, offered between level 2 and level 4 on the NQF, as well as some related to generic competence, for example, Agricultural Sales and Services, Agricultural Machinery Technician and Agri Trade Processes, offered at levels 2, 4 and 5 on the NQF. In-depth details of these learnerships could not be accessed, for example, the unit standards on which they are based, the number of credits that they constitute, since the name of learnerships being used by the providers and those accessible on the AGRISETA’s website did not correlate. As such, the learnerships offered by the providers are simply listed with less comprehensive details on these. Some of the learnerships registered by THETA in the subfield of Conservation and Guiding include a National Certificate in Tourism, offered at levels 2 and 4 of the NQF, a National Certificate in Conservation at level 2, a National Certificate in Conservation: Fisheries Resource Management and a National Certificate in Conservation: Terrestrial Management, both offered at level 5. Contact with accredited providers shows that none of these learnerships are on offer in the Western Cape and the Eastern Cape. Service providers contacted do however offer short courses that are linked to unit standards and are listed in section 6.

Learnerships registered by ESETA in its Water Management Chamber include Water Reticulation, Water Purification and Waste Water Process Operator, all offered at level 2 on the NQF. LGSETA has registered learnerships in

C.A.P.E. Cape Action Plan for the Environment

Water Systems Operator, offered at level 2 and Water Systems Controller and Water Process Controller, both offered at level 4. Other registered learnerships relate to municipal finance and administration.

Learnerships registered by ETDPSETA include, amongst others, a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education and Training offered at level 7 on the NQF and an ETDP learnership for Educators in Schooling at level 6. A National Diploma in Adult Basic Education and Training Practices, an Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development Practitioner Certificate, a learnership for Early Childhood Development Trainers and a learnership in Development Practice, all offered at level 5, are similarly registered. At level 4, registered learnerships include a National Certificate in Adult Basic Education and Training Practice, a learnership for Early Childhood Development Practitioners, Development Practice and Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development.

Although various learnerships are registered by these SETAs, stages of implementation of these differ from one SETA to another, at both a national and provincial level. Section 6 provides an overview of the learnerships at the stage of implementation in the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape, together with the names of accredited providers offering these.

Technikon Qualifications: A review of technikon qualifications was confined to the two University of Technology institutions in the Eastern

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