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Offered at level 5, this National Diploma requires an FET Certificate (Grade 12) or an equivalent level 4 qualification with Mathematics and Biology as recommended subjects at this level. The programme involves 3 years of full time study, with 2 years theoretical training and 1 year experiential training in an appropriate natural resource management context. Courses explored in this National Diploma include: Animal and Plant Biology, Ecology and Natural Resource Management. It also includes courses in Community Conservation and Environmental Education.

  • Bachelor of Technology in Nature


The B.Tech in Nature Conservation is offered at level 6 on the NQF. With the National Diploma in Nature Conservation as the prerequisite for admission, this B.Tech is offered as a 1-year programme, of full time study. In addition to specific core subjects, a wide range of electives could be chosen for this programme, based on formal lectures, self-study and various projects including research and the development of a management plan.

  • Master of Technology in Nature Conservation

An appropriate B.Tech or equivalent qualification gives a student access to the M.Tech qualification in Nature Conservation, offered at level 7 on the NQF. Taken over 1 year full time study, this M.Tech is research based and requires participants to conduct a research project related to a specific interest in the industry and report their findings in a thesis.


  • Doctor of Technology in Nature Conservation

An M+5 qualification in a conservation related field provides entry to this level 8 D.Tech in Nature Conservation. This programme involves students conducting appropriate and relevant research in a conservation context and reporting their findings in a thesis.

Qualifications in Tourism

These courses aim to provide opportunities for the development of professional tourism managers in the growing industry of tourism in South Africa. Qualifications offered include:

  • National Diploma in Tourism

Requirements for entry into the National Diploma in Tourism are an FET Certificate (Grade 12) or an equivalent level 4 qualification with a recommendation of Geography as a subject at this level and proficiency in English. Offered at level 5 on the NQF and over a period of 3 years, this National Diploma includes courses in Tourism Development, Travel and Tourism Management, and Marketing for Tourism. The third year of study involves experiential learning through the course: Travel and Tourism Practice. Study in this field could be extended through the Bachelor of Technology in Tourism qualification that leads to the attainment of a level 6 qualification. The B.Tech. could be undertaken as both full time or part time study and allows participation in courses in Research Methodology, Advanced Strategic Management, Tourism Development, Marketing for Tourism and undertaking a Tourism Project.

Learning Opportunities for Careers in Biodiversity Conservation

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