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“entry-level wages and benefits that have languished while hous- ing costs and college tuitions have risen.” One expert has said, “The next generation is starting their economic race fifty yards behind the starting line.” One book title that tells their story is entitled Generation Debt (2006).

In the final two chapters, “The Not-So-Golden Years” and “Lifting All Boats” Greenhouse offers his perspective on the problems facing aging American workers and solutions to these same troubles. One dire prediction by retirement specialist pro- fessor Theresa Ghilarducci holds that “We are now shifting from lifetime pensions to lifetime work. It’s the end of retirement.” In his last chapter, Greenhouse pushes for a return to a national conversation about theAmerican worker. How refreshing it must be for all Americans now to know that President Obama has been able to return the American worker to the forefront of na- tional debate in his presidential campaign! Perhaps Mr. Green- house has already had his wish fulfilled with the election of Senator Obama to President Obama. One telling signal that President Obama has already anticipated much of Greenhouse’s call to action is his investment in a greener America and a prom- ise of a careful new scrutiny of America’s health care system among some of his new administration’s new initiatives. Fi- nally, President Obama has also called for a reinvestment in America’s future by providing more funding and better direc- tion for education. With this new American administration now in office, it is almost as if the Obama administration has al- ready read, absorbed and implemented much of Greenhouse’s suggestions for a better, stronger and more productive Ameri- can workforce.

by Joseph A. Harris

Each year, the Peggy Browning Fund supports summer fel- lowships for law students, providing the NLRB, unions, labor rights organizations, and workers centers with eager young tal- ent. Since its founding in 1997, the Fund has helped more than 270 law students; in 2009 it expects to place at least 45 law

The Long Island LERA Newsletter is a quarterly publication of the Long Island Chapter of the Labor and Employment Relations Association.

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Gerald H. Grayson Beverly E. Harrison

Notices of address change should be sent to Membership Chairman, Richard Roth at <richarbit@aol.com>. Inquiries about this publication, as well as submissions, etc. should be sent to Jerry Grayson at <jerrryarb@optonline.net>.


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students. Participating law schools number more than one hun- dred. The Fund’s mission is to educate law students about the rights and needs of workers.

Additionally, the Peggy Browning Fund sponsors an an- nual National Law Students’ Workers’ Rights Conference. The next one will be held in October 2009, in Silver Springs, MD.

The Fund held its annual fundraising dinner on January 28, 2009 at the Yale Club in NYC. More than 250 people attended. Honorees Gwynne A. Wilcox, Esq. and Christopher Shelton received enthusiastic applause as did those who introduced them: Daniel Silverman, Esq., Mark Gaston Pearce, Esq., Edward F. Ott, and Steven P. Weissman, Esq. Fund President Joseph Lurie chaired the event.

Ms. Wilcox is a partner at union-side law firm Levy Ratner, P.C. She is the Associate General Counsel of 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East and also represents the Utility Work- ers Union Local 1-2. Ms. Wilcox is a member of the Board of Governors of the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers and has served as Associate Editor and Chapter Editor of De- veloping Labor Law (American Bar Association). Importantly, Ms. Wilcox helped to establish and continues to be a leading force in the Minority Caucus of the Lawyers’ Coordinating Com- mittee of the AFL-CIO. Her accomplishments also include a term as president of the NYC chapter of LERA.

Mr. Shelton is the Vice President of the CWA District One, the largest district of the Communications Workers of America. District One has 180,000 members in more than 300 CWA lo- cals from New Jersey to Canada. Mr. Shelton is also a member of the regional Operating Committee of the United Way of America, the Board of Directors of the Appliance for Employee Growth, the Executive Council of the NYS AFL-CIO, and a Vice-President of the NYC Central Labor Council. A political


LI LERA 43 Northcote Drive Melville, NY 11747-3924

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