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1.Each year students in grades 3, 6, 8, and 10 participate in the state mandated ISTEP +  standardized test. This test is administered during a two – week testing window in September and is a criterion –referenced test.  The decision was made to test in the fall to allow schools to implement instructional approaches and programs to remediate students during the year in which ISTEP + is administered. The criterion-referenced questions have been designed specifically to match Indiana’s curriculum as defined by the Indiana Academic Standards in English/language arts and mathematics. They measure material that Indiana students should have been taught and should have mastered from previous grades. The Indiana Academic Standards defined three categories of student achievement in English/language arts and mathematics. New scale scores were set in January 2003. These levels were defined by the State Board of Education as follows in Feb.2003:

Pass+Meets the passing standard and demonstrates high achievement in the                

PassMeets the passing standard

Did Not PassFails to meet the passing standard and in all likelihood will need remedial         

The ISTEP+ is comprised of a basic skills assessment containing multiple choice questions and an applied skills assessment containing short answer or essay questions and the solving of arithmetic or mathematical problems. Student achievement levels relative to the Indiana Academic Standards are reported by ISTEP+ as scale scores. These three-digit, equal interval scores are expressed on unique scales by subject. ISTEP+ scale scores typically range from about 300 to 850.

Scoring rubrics are used to assign scores to students’ responses to short answer, essay questions, and performance tasks.

Grade 3 Scale Scores(2003)English/language artsMath



        Did Not Pass100-403100-392

       Grade 3 Standards (prior to 2003)

        Above Standard475479

        Below Standard474478

        Grade 6 Scale Scores (2003)

        Pass+570 – 740559-760


        Did Not Pass135-471220-463

       Grade 6 Standards (prior to 2003)

       Above standard 480                479

       Below Standard479478

       Grade 8 Scale Scores (2003)


        Did Not Pass175-515260-516

       Grade 8 Standards (prior to 2003)

       Above Standard466486

Below Standard465485

2.     Multiple assessment procedures and instruments, both formal and informal, are used in monitoring student progress. Individual and collective achievement results are systematically reviewed

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