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We are also a member of the Alberta Farmers Market Association (AFMA). They have a lot of useful information on their web site (see “Useful Links” below) for market managers and vendors. AFMA can also help you get a website up and running for a reduced price if you are a member.

What kind of products can I sell at your market?

Farmers market vendors must primarily be Alberta-based people who ‘make it, bake it or grow it. At least 80% of the vendors at a farmers market must fall into that category. The other 20% can be vendors who buy and resell commercial products like clothing, health and body care, Tupperware, Norwex, Watkins and other similar products or out-of-province vendors. We restrict our market to no more than one vendor for each of these types of products.

We have a quota on the number of jewelry vendors allowed at the market, and its full. One of the categories that is often problematic in determining whether a vendor falls in the 20% bracket is jewelry. Stringing beads on some wire does not, in our minds, constitute “making” jewelry. However if you are a trained artist, a silver or goldsmith and have original and unique products then you most likely are in the 80% group. Otherwise you will fall in the 20% group and we are likely already at our quota.

Who needs a Health Certificate?

Alberta Approved Farmers Markets are identified in the Alberta Public Health Act Food Regulation. Food vendors must have a current Alberta Health Certificate. You must be able to produce it on demand. We are regularly visited by Alberta health inspectors who ensure the proper regulations for displaying and serving food are followed. Having said that, certain types of food do not require a Health Certificate. Contact Alberta Health Services to make sure.

Why are animals not allowed at the market?

Alberta Health does not allow animals around or near where food is being sold.

As a vendor, do I need liability insurance?

You don’t absolutely need liability insurance but it is generally recommended that you get your own coverage in case someone trips over part of your display or is injured by something of yours blowing in the wind, etc. and because of the common practice of suing everyone remotely connected to the event. Your personal insurance carrier can probably accommodate you or you can get it through the AFMA. If you do get coverage have the Lions Club of Bearspaw as “co- insured”.

Where do I get an application form to be a vendor?

The easiest way is off the web site. Wait until early January to get the latest version. See “How do I contact the farmers market” above.

Do I need to fill out an application form every year if I’m a regular vendor at the market?

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