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Accordion Book for Comparing Cultures – Grade Four - page 5 / 10





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Accordion Book for Comparing Cultures – Grade Four

The back side of the cover is page one. Use pages one and two for the first cultural group. The page will look like a mural/poster dedicated to a particular group (i.e., the Amish).

Instructional Tip:

In addition to information and accuracy, emphasize the need for neatness and layout. This page will become a resource for students from which they will be writing a paragraph comparing two groups at a later date.


Comparison Discussion

At any point when two or more groups have been completed, ask students to use their Accordion Books to answer any of the following prompts:

What kinds of materials were the products made from?

Which of the materials were Ohio resources?

How are the products and practices alike/different?

Which practices are still in use today?

Which products have become part of modern-day society?

Which group’s products and/or practices would allow them to survive best on a deserted island?

The questions asked are meant to promote two things:

Make students explain their thinking.

Make students provide specific support by using the information they gathered for their accordion books as sources of information.

Differentiated Instructional Support:

Instruction is differentiated according to learner needs, to help all learners either meet the intent of the specified indicator(s) or, if the indicator is already met, to advance beyond the specified indicator(s).

Have students draw posters or expanded versions of their pages.

Quiz students orally about their project/poster if they are unable to write descriptions.

Instruct students to write diary accounts as members of that culture.

Have students create presentations in formats of their choosing.


Have the students write the explanation of their quilt patch designs and choice of colors on separate sheets of paper to display with the quilt. This could be extended further by having each child design and make an entire quilt with a written explanation.

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