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Accordion Book for Comparing Cultures – Grade Four - page 6 / 10





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Accordion Book for Comparing Cultures – Grade Four

Have students create a craft or bring in a food related to the culture they are studying.

Have students complete an independent study by visiting a museum in person or on-line to view actual artifacts.

Instruct students to locate someone from the cultural group being studied and interview him/her.

Have the students turn their pages into computer slides.

Interdisciplinary Connections:

English Language Arts

Reading Applications

Benchmark C: Explain how main ideas connect to each other in a variety of sources.

Indicator 3: Locate important details about a topic using different sources of information including books, magazines, newspapers and online resources.

Writing Processes

Benchmark I: Prepare writing for publication that is legible, follows an appropriate format and uses techniques such as electronic resources and graphics.

Indicator 16: Prepare for publication (e.g., for display or for sharing with others) writing that follows a format appropriate to the purpose using techniques such as electronic resources and graphics to enhance the final product.

Writing Applications

Benchmark D: Write informational reports that include facts, details and examples that illustrate an important idea.

Indicator 4: Write informational reports that include facts and examples and present important details in a logical order.


Benchmark A: Identify a topic of study, construct questions and determine appropriate sources for gathering information.

Indicator 2: Locate sources and collect relevant information from multiple sources (e.g., school library catalogs, online databases, electronic resources and Internet-based resources).

Benchmark B: Select and summarize important information and sort key findings into categories about a topic.

Indicator 3: Identify important information found in the sources and summarize important findings.

Benchmark D: Communicate findings orally, visually and in writing or through multimedia.

Indicator 6: Use a variety of communication techniques, including oral, visual, written or multimedia reports, to present information gather.

The Arts: Visual Art

Historical, Cultural and Social Context

Benchmark A: Recognize and describe visual art forms and artworks from various times and places.

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